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Misc. Office Supplies, Isolated on White
Grouping of faceted gemstones
Grouping of faceted gemstones
Mixed faceted gemstones isolated on white background
Faceted Gemstones
Mixed faceted gemstones
Large topaz faceted stones
Faceted garnets
Diamond ring in black velvet box
Manatee River Waterfront
Clump of Pampas Grass
Pink sapphire ring
Two pugs pestering  man with  camera
Mixed cabochons
Greco-Roman bust of a warrior
Garnet and diamond gold bracelet
Citrine and diamond ring
Mystic green topaz ring
Mixed facets of amethyst
Diamond cluster ring
Wild mushroom
Ruby and diamond ring
Christmas cookie cutters
Pile of loose gemstones
The floribunda rose "Showbiz"
Church Steeple
Iolite ring
Garnet cluster ring
Blue and white diamond bracelet
Pink and white rose
Raspberry garnet ring
Iolite ring
String of cultured saltwater pearls
Water drops on a leaf
Horse's eye
Reflection on a pond
Large Christmas Tree
Coils of rope around a tree trunk
Dead tree on beach
Trees on Florida Key beach
Beachside scene in Florida Keys
Seaweed, coral, and shells
Downtown Church Spire
Flamingo head and neck
Granite chair in memorial park
Pug female panting on grass
Male Pug standing in grass
Young female Pug on grass
Young female Pug on grass
Multi-colored gemstone pendant
Mexican fire opal pendant
Tower on Venetian-style mansion
Sterling silver link bracelet
Multi-colored gemstone bracelet
Tower on Venetian-style mansion
Pink water lily
Large diamond ring
Sapphire and diamond ring
Andalusite ring
Rock pile on beach
Life's A Beach
Faceted white stones
Flamingo head
Egg slicer
Candy in Jar
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