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Sushi Roll with Tuna
Grilled Fillet Steak
Prime Filet Mignon Steak
Seared and Seasoned Ahi Tuna Salad
Fresh Grilled Salmon
Lamb Chops
Grilled Salmon
Ahi Tuna
Sizzling Fajitas
Fresh Grilled Salmon
San Diego Skyline
Sea Scallops and Lobster
Bacon Cheeseburger
Northern Halibut Saffron
Red and Yellow Tomato Salad
California Rolls
Petite Fillet Mignon
Steak and Lobster
San Diego California
Linguine Pescatore Seafood Pasta
Golf Cart
Ahi Tuna & Salmon Tartare
Wild Fire
Jumbo Sea Scallops
Tuna Steak
Enchiladas served with rice and beans
Classic Surf & Turf
San Diego Skyline
Christmas Sweets
California Pier
Tempura Banana Dessert
Asparagus and goat cheese pizza
San Diego Skyline
Chinese Stir Fry
Filet Mignon Steak
Traditional Christmas Cookies
Sushi Rolls
Pumkin Cream Soup
Farmers Market Flower Sale
T-bone steak
Fresh Scallops
Lake Tahoe View
Shrimp Salad
Convention Center Sign
Seared Ahi Tuna
Filet Mignon (Bone-In)
Ocean Pier Life
Mission Beach Roller Coaster
Lake Tahoe
Point Loma Lighthouse
California Ocean Pier
Braised Lamb Shank
Ocean Beach Pier
Football Fan
Foggy Sunset
Lobster Salad
California Ocean Pier
Balboa Park
Sail Boat
Winter Outfit
Ahi tuna salad
Red and Yellow Organic Tomato Salad
Lamb Chops steak
Crab Cakes
Red and Yellow Tomato Salad
Artichoke Salad
Champagne Halibut
Filet Mignon steak with Smashed Potatoes
Sea Scallops with mushrooms
Chicken Filled Enchilatas
Coconut Shrimp
Rigatoni Alla Contadina
Grilled Fillet Mignon
Alaskan King Crab
Pan Seared Salmon
Italian Pizza with Prosciutto Ham and Parmesan Cheese
Lobster Tail
Chocolate Lasagna
Specialty Sushi Rolls
Australian Lamb Chop
Lamb Chops steak
Yellowfin Tuna Tartare
Asparagus and goat cheese pizza
Avocado Cheeseburger
Nevada Under Clouds
Coco Dessert
Beach Directions
Capreses de Bufala
Rigatoni with Sausage
American Highrise
Tropical Wild Flowers
Sea Scallops and Lobster
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