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Play ball? Ready set go...
Organic Cotton
Golf Resort - Florida
Water's Edge
Ozark Mountians in Autumn
Happy fisherman!
Another Red Barn!
Tired Man - time to rest!
Horse in yellow field!
Rustic Red Barn in the Sun
Red light,  Stop
Ozark Mountain Panarama!
Rustic Barn with Gate
Industrial equipment?
Industrial Building - Manufacturing
Rural Mailbox
Wooden Bridge Accented by Autumn Leaves and Refection
Log cabin framed with trees!
Ducks on a nice spring day!
Barn in the distance
Dam on Lake
Football anyone?
Fishing Father like Son?
Fishing TRIO of Fisherman!
Son Like father - Fishermen!
Old home built of logs.
At water's grassy edge
Old Rural Barn
Fully Equiped for Fishing
River at the Bottom? Grand Canyon!
Industry - farming?
Another Industry Picture!
Industrial Something!
View through a construction Valve!
Desert Vegetation
Square Haybale
Industrial Building
Another Old Mill
Antique Toys
Old Homeplace
Red bud Tree in Cemetary
Waterfall - flowing water!
Sand and Sun - What lies ahead?
another barn in Arkansas
Old Mill
No Hunting - Must be rural america!
Fishing - Man's favorite past time!
Green Light GO!
Move that DIRT!
Barn Closeup -fall foliage adds a little color!
Industry? Commerical production? Factory?
Skyscraper - Building high in the sky!
Man at work with portable equipment
Fisherman awaiting the catch!
Industry? Manufacturing?
Water's Edge in Spring!
Fisherman preparing for the big Catch!
water's edge again!
Arkansas State Park - Mammoth Springs
Edge of the Spring River  viewed through trees!
Canoe or Kayak - Floating Spring River.
Building on Spring River
Canoe or Kayak - Same FUN!
Canoe anyone?
Ugly Bird - Pigeon?
Side View of Waterfowl
Geese and water!
Old Church with Bells!
Spring Barn
Bridge over Greers Ferry Lake Heber Springs Arkansas
Rural Arkansas Church house
Mother and Daughter enjoy view of the park
Side View of Waterfowl
Farm Animal!
Close up view of Industry
Industry again!
Old Train Engine
Farm Equipment - Storage bin?
Rural Barn
Gift 2 - can I open it?
Flowing water - Want to go wading?
Industry dependent on Railway
Engraved Panels!
Going Fishing!
Duck season?
Steeple in Autumn 2
Swimming anyone?
White Church steeple in Autumn!
Stepping Stones - Three in a Row!
Waterfall 2 - Where does the water go?
Industry - What kind?
Water Reflections
Autumn Leaves - Not so Close!
Autmn Leave Close UP
Railroad Vertical
Waterfall - Beautiful view for couple
Fall view of Mammoth Springs
Skeleton Barn
Gated community! - Dare we go in?
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