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Row Boat at Tumalo Lake, Oregon
Kitesurfer turning the corner
Crew Prepares
Cross country skier
Copilot’s view
Beach Bike
Fireworks Panorama
Kitesurfer launching off a breaker
Crew Returns
Float Plane
Kitesurfer getting air
Garden Pond
Draft horses II
Gull and Lighthouse
Close Race
Waiting for the crew
Breakers on the Jetty
Draft horses
Fireworks 196
He is Risen
Leap of Faith
Hiking the Alyeska Glacier
Small Town America
Intense Approach
Snowfall at Huber Woods
Frog resting in duckweed
Bumblebee on a flower
Shearing Sheep III
Mount St. Helens
Perched Pelican
Grizzly Bear III
Tree and pool
Draft Horses IV
Kitesurfer getting air
Mount St. Helens
Ski the Rockies
Slide Rule
Grizzly Bear
Patrolling Pelican
Gliding pelican
Breakers on the Jetty
Airborne Kitesurfer
Tattoo Mama
Hammer and Anvil
Star Spangled Banner
Spare Ribs on the Bar-B-Que
Exploring the Pensacola Fishing Pier
Shearing Sheep VII
Shearing Sheep II
Shearing Sheep V
Shearing Sheep VI
Duck at the lotus pond
Grizzly Bear IV
Summer Reflections
Stone Bridge
Kitesurfer in the churn
Mount St. Helens
Perched Pelican
On Track
Fireworks 313
Oregon autumn
Shenandoah Tree
Bell tower and cross
Sea Foam
Communications Tower II
Communications Tower
Reflection Pond
Garden Wall
Sharp Turn
Draft horses III
Park bench
Pelican flies over the breakers
Soaring pelican
Mount St. Helens
Flying Seagull
Soaring Seagull
Fishing Pier
Winter Lake and Waterfall
Seagull Soaring
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