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Icebreaker off Antarctica
Aircraft contrails crossing as X sign
Alpine summer sky with contrails over green valley
Icebreaker off Antarctica
Icebreaker off Antarctica
Oil reservoirs and tankers
Yachting #2 - Sails
Yachting #1
Ships and clouds at dawn waiting for Singapore harbour
Oil reservoirs and tankers
Icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer (US)
Vintage violin isolated on white
Condominium complex
African railway
Desert car
Seeing a forest for its trees
Loudspeaker driver
Violin in case
Icebreaker off Antarctica
Lake Turkana
Mountain pastures at the foot of Haleakala volcano, Hawaii
Forest fire at Yosemite
The harvesting of silk
The Sea off Maui
Antarctica #3 - Gerlache Straits coast
Forest fire plume
Volcanic soda lake in Kenya
Public housing project block
Modern residential block panorama
Shoes on beach
violin detail with 'f' hole
Antarctica #2 - Floating ice at Rothera Bay
Japanese cast iron teapot
Residential housing project
Dawn at Tagaytay volcano lake - panorama
Tea gardens in Kenya
teapot #1
Raw rubber tree sap collection
High rise appartment block
Antarctica #6 - Gerlache Straits coast
Hawai'ian rainbow
Shoes on beach
Sand and palms
Tree savannah in Kenya
Motorcycle Valentine
Dark monolithic office tower covered in green glass
Red tin roof with pigeons
Public housing project in purple
Harvester at work
Icebreaker anchored in Antarctica
The straight road ahead
Australia dirt road
New Mexico desert road with chain and area closed sign.
Antarctica #4 - Rothera Bay under the midnight sun
Public housing project block in Asia
Clouds in mid-air
Red and white cranes working on a large steel structure
New and old buildings next to each other in Asia
New and old in Asia
Traditional Bali roof structure from below
Forest upwards perspective
Blue sky and ocean with grass
Straight highway
Road marking on tarmac
Lava eats highway
Electric power pylon against blue sky
The harvesting of silk
Blue sky with twin parallel wave contrails and moon crescent
Blue sky with twin parallel wave contrails crossing a cloud
Sunflower against blue sky with crossing contrails
Icebergs in midnight sun off Antarctica
Icebergs in midnight sun off Antarctica
Skyscraper facade pair with upwards looking perspective
Extreme skyscraper perspective
Sharp edged modern office high rise
Skyscrapers facing each other with extreme perspective
White new high-rise appartment block
Skyscraper facade perspective
New and old buildings next to each other in Asia
Modern office block reflection of sky, clouds and older building
Residential high rise apartment block under construction
Top of a white and blue modern apartment block
Residential housing blocks
Residential housing blocks
wing of a glider airplane
Outrigger with dark clouds
Large wind turbines
Wind turbines
The straight road ahead with clouds
Yellow buoys, shades of blue in water and sky
Industrial tin roof
Divided sky
Dirt road straight ahead
Little fluffy clouds #2
Little fluffy clouds #1
Two sailboats with sky
Painted windowframes
Old barge
Small fish
Wooden hull
Wooden boats at beach in Thailand
Aerial view of Austrian village
Man under stree shade
Summer in the park
Thick rope wrapped around red bollard
Grasslands with tree
Alpine rest
Colorful skies evening mood
Blue skies and trees
Antarctica #7
Chasing clouds, blue sky
Penguin colony in Antarctica
Antarctica #5 - Dog sleds
Coconut shell cup
Loaf of bread
Abstract bow of a wooden boat
Brittany flowers
Subway train entering transit station
Volcanoes and sky
Air conditioning exhausts of old buildings
Small Buddhist shrine with blue sky and palm in Thailand
Large old square nail in wooden post
Grunge yellow door with rust and ferns
Men at work on skyscraper
Temple dragon
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