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Seashells III
Seashells II
Seashells I
Water drop
Eighties song (no brass mix)
Thank you note
T model guitar II
Power button IV
Circle in the sky (alternative rhythm mix)
Pure drive (faster mix)
Sexy beast (faster mix)
Power button III
Sexy beast (slower mix)
Power button I
T model guitar I
Sparrow I
Baby swan
Wheat and grass II
Wheat and grass I
Floating (alternative pop mix)
Floating (slower mix)
Lamp on a field II
Radio song (faster mix)
lamps on a field I
horses on landscape
Radio song (pop mix)
Enjoy (faster mix)
Green and blue
Toys on the beach I
trees with the sun behind VI
Enjoy (transparent mix)
trees with the sun behind V
Melancholy (sad mix)
trees with the sun behind IV
trees with the sun behind III
Playroom (carpet mix)
trees with the sun behind II
trees with the sun behind I
New york girls (faster mix)
balanced stones I
Straw umbrella close-up
Baseball on a grass II
Pouring water
Adriatic beach
Blue sky and clouds
Tranquil sunset
balanced stones II
Reflecting Island II
Faces (instant start mix)
Reflecting Island I
Lighthouse II
LIghthouse I
Baby swan swiming
Good times (no melody mix)
Swan swiming II
Bee at work II
Corn field VI
Blue Rain (no melody mix)
Hazard (dream mix)
Happy days (guitars mix)
Swan swiming III
Striptease funk (lite mix)
Swan swiming I
Bee at work I
Sparrow II
Corn field V
Corn field IV
Window view (encore)
Dreams on speed (no melody mix)
Corn field
Happy leisure (lite mix)
Corn field
Corn Field
Around the world (piano only mix)
Around the world (piano & sticks mix)
Heart road
Tree on a hill
Sunny vineyard
Happy days (lite mix)
Plum branch
Window view (bottom mix)
Magnificent field
Sunny branches
Adult pop song  (lite mix)
red leaves and blue sky
Red leaves foliage
Early rock  (lite mix)
Vineyrd leaves
Vineyard in summer
Red leaves close-up
Ancient roman terracess
Young boy and big wide sea
Mooring wide angle
Mooring bolard
Lonely dock
Coffee and the cokie
poolside deckcairs
Light Air (american mix)
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