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Office Cubicle Landscape - empty hallway
Spring season fresh budding leaves, a mountain stream with bould
Commercial interior remodel in process
New spring soybean crops challenged
Old one room school house on a grassy open plain
Empty Office Boardroom - meeting table clear reflection, no peop
Open Office Workstation with red wall no people and empty
Interior renovation of existing construction
Commercial interior building remodel - energy upgrades
Boardroom office meeting room with reflections on table no peopl
Young boy orange tee-shirt flying kite, clear blue sky
Biodiversity of plants in an old growth forest woods
Hydroelectric Power Generator
Sunlight bathes young fir tree in the thick forest woods
Fishing ships docked in the bay at Newport, Oregon
Suburban lawn landscape forms green grass property lines redwood
Mountain fed stream
Single soybean plant growing
Natural regrowth: a young fir tree sapling thick old-growth fore
Frozen ice beginning to thaw then refreezing - cracks white
Hydroelectric power generator
Old growth forest diversity - fall season
Natural Landscape; Columbia River Gorge, Pacific Northwest, USA
Columbia River, Natural Landscape; Columbia River Gorge, Pacific
Spring  soybean crops
Fishing ships Down by the Bay, Newport, Oregon
Climate challege for Spring crops - Glycine max, Soybeans
Fishing vessels in the foggy Marina, Newport,  Oregon
Spring Crop field at dusk
Columbia River, Natural Landscape; Columbia River Gorge, Pacific
warehouse waiting for renewal - reuse
Industrial overpass bridge along an urban city waterway
Gothic styled St. John's Bridge, Portland, Oregon
Corner warehouse building empty street red stoplight and no traf
Single soybean plant growing
Columbia River, Natural Landscape; Columbia River Gorge, Pacific
Basaltic igneous rock form
Girl flying a kite
Structural and energy efficent upgrades
Rapids and mossy rocks along a mountain stream in spring
Black shiny Espresso Coffee Cup and Saucer side view
Clematis armandii, Family: Ranunculaceae
Footprints on the sand representing pacing beach-side
Nature park and pond landscape gardens
Palm - cupped wrinkled fingers of the human hand
Wind driven renewable energy
Plywood sheet, wood grain textures random knot holes stained gre
Spring beans challenged by drought
Plywood Textures
Aerial view of City skyline with mountains in distance
Path marked out in the forest
vertical stacked cut raw pine wood logs lumber mill yard
Fir Trees in the forest
old stump supports rebirth of new plants in the forest
Old railroad car steel doors
Blue Back Door- Employee only
Portland, Oregon, Steel lift bridge reflected on waterway
Varied trees in the deep foggy woods
Lower Falls and Water Pool
Custom design table top detail- baltic birch plywood
school house on the Prairie
Spring soybean crops growing
Mossy branches in the deep forest
waterfall features with stones and boulders landscaped garden gr
old growth cedar wood logs split and stacked for shingles
Nature park and pond landscaped garden in the City
Nature in the City, Lauralhurst Park, Portland Oregon
Rows of squash growing in farm field
Dense fir trees in the forest
Colorful dusk settles on a Pacific Northwest coast beach
dusk sets in on gentle ocean surf at the beach
Nurse stump - morning fog -springtime in the forest
Dusk reflecting Fire on smooth Water
Tree trunks in the forest
Modern Architectural stair treads and risers with reflection on
Wind power generation
Rural Fencelines and Tree
Tight group of Koi fish in a massive feeding frenzy
Northwest Falls
Modern urban city skyline of condominiums and housing
Cornfields in Iowa
Nature in the City VI
Ocean front swing-set
Suburban side street
Natural Law: Splintered tree trunk in the forest
Commercial interior remodeling cleared for energy upgrades
Rural Fencelines
Forest Diversity
American Jack Rabbit - Prairie Bunny
Suburban developement - lakeside
Mossy Old branch above a Stream
Midwestern Granary metal shed with open garage doors in foregrou
American western desert plains landscape, Oregon
Clematis armandii, Family: Ranunculaceae
Grain elevators
Modern urban city skyline with apartments and condominiums
Elevated Walkway in a Parking Garage
grey painted structural steel plate with pattern of bolts
Natural Law - Biodiversity of plants in the forest
Building brickwork facade and corner with fire escape
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