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Green plastic toothbrush on metallic surface
Circus Sign
Winter Landscape Series 1
Pink plastic glasses
Lovely European cat isolated on black background.
Rusty door lock with several shiny keys in a keychain.
Lonely road or track in the mountains.
Bent concrete structure seen from below
Snow melting down on a fir branch
Soft Orange Handbag
Toothbrush pair series - opposite directions
Busy cow grazing in the mountains
Old iron handle on a wooden door.
Winter Landscape with snowcapped firs
Finnish Tea Cups
Body Part Series - Hand on Lower Back
Beautifully Decorated Chinese Compass
Mannequin with blue necklace hanging
Finnish Tea Cup - single
Peach in neutral background
Old Metallic Tea Pot
Beautiful view of a lake in the mountains
Pink plastic glasses next to a thick, black book
Orange, Peach or Apricot Marmalade on a bread toast
SLR Camera Lenses
Translucent USB cable end
SLR Zoom Lens
Rusty lock in a cracked wooden green door
Horse Portrait
Winter Landscape Series 2
SLR Lens - front view.
American dollar bank notes in a brown leather wallet.
Backlit Plant in Black and White
Tough Weed Series
Business Office Buildings
Tough Weed Series-5
Body Part Series - Hand Touching Abdomen
Frozen Communication Antenna
Winter Landscape Series 3
Italian Cuisine - 2
Fusilli in a wooden spoon with tomato
Old Boot Series - Warm tones
Silent Cat
Old wooden drawer
Old boat in the street
Pink glasses next to closed black book.
Toothbrush pair series - facing the same direction
Tea can
Old rusty coffee-maker
USB Reflection
Pinnacles and Gargoyles
Rocky mountain on a cloudy sky background
Horse head close-up
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