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Cut Spending
polished quartz and granite worktop
Cutting Back on Government Spending
Nails that stick up get hammered down
Inflation Barcode
Latex Valentine's
Problem with Downsizing and Cutbacks
On the chopping block: legal aid
Snip Spending Coins
Inside Football
20% VAT
House, ball and chain
Leather Bound Valentine's
Hammered Copper Sheet
Saving for Vacation
Swimming Pool steps
Reaching for the ladder
Embossed Paper with Tradtional Design
Spot Varnish on Canvas-effect paper
Roll out the dough
Hammered Copper Sheet
On the Chopping Block: Housing benefirt
Woven background
Leather Valentine's Heart
Five Euro Notes
Hammered Copper Sheet
Blue mosaic ripple
Woven Mat close-up
Leather Bound Heart
Model House Hanging by a Thread
Twenty Euro Notes
Fetish Valentine's Heart
Embossed Paper with Traditional Design
House of Pound Coins
Spot Varnish/Glazed Paper
Twenty Euro Note on a knife edge
On the Chopping Block
Wrist watch under car tyre
On the chopping block: disability living allowance
Stilton & Port
Grape vine with wine glass
Dollar Bowl
Brushed-metal effect paper
Embossed metal sheet
Sovereign Debt Trap
Embossed metal sheet
Bucket of coins
Bloody Axe
Cutting back on the bonus
On the chopping block: health funding
Cutting Back on the Bonus
Shopping Basket full of Dollars
Twenty Dollar Bills
Pound Sterling Question Mark
Model House in Circle of Coins
Model House in a man's hand
Plastic DVD storage device
Embossed Paper with traditional design
Embossed Paper with traditional design
Embossed Paper with traditional design
Black Textured Paper Graduated
Rough Sandstone Texture
Puddle on hot rock
Black Limestone Damp
Rusty Background
Embossed metal sheet
You Fixed It Message
Pink grunge background
White tangled background
White and pink tangled background
Dark tangled background
Valentine's Day Thai Silk Paper
French Neufch
Grunge Valentine
Daisy floating on a pool
Eurozone Meltdown
Burnt investments
Bloody Axe
Cutting Back on the Bonus
Euro on a knife edge
Ten Euro Notes
Ten Dollar Bills
Dollar Bills US
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