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High heels crossed at ankles with confetti
Flyboarder in silhouette diving forwards towards camera
Flyboarder only showing feet after semi-circular dive
Grilled peppers and lemon in restaurant buffet
Supermoon over Turkey in centre of frame
Stuffed bell peppers in outdoor restaurant buffet
Grilled vegetables in restaurant buffet with diners
Restaurant table laid with glassware and cutlery
Luxury rocking sofa with view of cruiser
Grilled vegetables and dip in restaurant buffet
Flyboarder stretches towards waves after back flip
Flyboarder twisting upper body just above waves
Flyboarder silhouetted in dive towards evening sea
Flyboarder in silhouette diving vertically into whitewater
Flyboarder in silhouette diving into evening sea
Flyboarder diving into waves with yacht behind
Flyboarder diving forwards headfirst into backlit sea
Flyboarder diving amid spray after back flip
Roast beef with tomato and stuffed mushrooms
Hand of fan silhouetted against blue smoke
Cockerel in profile on grassy woodland bank
Close-up of head of colourful yellow-crested chicken
Close-up of cockerel in shaft of sunlight
Sunlit dachshund stretching at top of stairs
Backlit speedboat pulling inflatable banana at sea
Fly fisherman on Snake River
Close-up of glass of water at sunset
Display of chopsticks for sale in shop
People in inflatable passing birds on iceberg
Young white reindeer calf staring at camera
Polar bear crossing ice floe in Arctic
Guillemot turning its head against icy background
Glaucous gull spotting Arctic fox behind snowbank
Glaucous gull and Arctic fox carrying guillemot
Close-up of swimming guillemot looking at camera
Close-up of reindeer on a shingle beach
Kittiwakes flying between sunlit and shady cliffs
Kittiwake carrying white feather in its beak
Close-up of reindeer head on snowy ridge
Delicate white feather floating on calm water
Close-up of kittiwake standing on rocky outcrop
Zodiac crew motor towards headland through ice
Black and white icebergs in Arctic Ocean
Black and white guillemot pair on cliff
Black and white cliffs on snowy glacier
Black and white cliff beside backlit ocean
Black and white backlit iceberg with hole
Barnacle goose perched on rock turning head
Arctic tern with outspread wings over iceberg
Arctic fox jumping up steep ice cliff
Arctic fox below bird shadow on ice
Walrus with half-closed eyes on shingle beach
Walrus showing tusks on snowy Arctic beach
Panorama of kittiwakes flying past ice cliff
Panning shot of guillemot flying past inflatable
Kittiwake nesting on ice beside two others
Male reindeer lying down asleep in snow
Close-up of Brent goose paddling in water
Black and white sea ice beyond mast
Black and white man on Arctic horizon
Close-up of four eggs in sandpiper nest
Many guillemots taking off over backlit water
Kittiwake standing on ice looking towards camera
Walrus rising up on flippers on beach
Black and white man hiking with rifle
Walruses with giant tusks at Arctic haul-out
Walrus leaning on flippers on Arctic beach
Two young reindeer playing in a field
Two seagulls silhouetted over Arctic sea ice
Two curious reindeer approaching photographer and lens
Silhouette of seagull flying through Arctic gorge
Sharp and blurred kittiwakes against blue sky
Seagull taking off down slope of iceberg
Seagull seen through window of abandoned hut
Seagull flying low over reflection in water
Backlit blue iceberg in the Arctic Ocean
Backlit anchors on sandy beach with seaweed
Lone seagull silhouetted over Arctic sea ice
Lone guillemot soars above iceberg in Arctic
Line of three guillemots reflected in water
Kittiwake casting a shadow on ice floe
Close-up of kittiwake on windy ice floe
Close-up of ivory gull standing on iceberg
Close-up of fulmar gliding over Arctic sea
Close-up of cave in Arctic ice cliff
Overexposed reindeer with antlers lying in snow
Overexposed female ptarmigan in pure white snowfield
Mass of kittiwakes flying past ice cliff
Many guillemots taking off low above water
Male walrus opening mouth and raising flipper
Male ptarmigan on ridge standing on boulder
Male ptarmigan on horizon standing on boulder
Long blue iceberg floating in backlit sea
Rickety hut in fjord with mountains behind
Rickety hut behind rusty old mining equipment
Photographer creeping towards male ptarmigan on rock
Reindeer walking on ridge with mountains behind
Reindeer walking along shore with mountains behind
Reindeer standing on shore with mountains behind
Reindeer on shore with ship in background
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