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Wind farm on hill among wheat fields in Washington state
Sidewalk clock in Old Town Santa Barbara CA
Kayaker looks down river over his shoulder
Cellular tower disguised as palm tree in southern California
Telecommunications tower disguised as palm tree in southern Cali
Agricultural canal and field in southern California
Hops growing on conveyor belt at processing plant
Hydrant on ranchland in Carrizo Plain CA
Ferryboat approaching dock on Puget Sound in Seattle WA
Orange grove and dry irrigation canal in central California
Tumbleweeds in water trough on Carrizo Plain CA
Tumbleweeds massed around hydrant on Carrizo Plain CA
San Andreas fault in creek bed on Carrizo Plain CA
Fence and corral on Carrizo Plain in central California
Water trough on ranchland in Carrizo Plain CA
Stable and Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction AZ
Water trough for cattle in Carrizo Plain CA
Road approaching Carrizo Plain in central California
Orange trees destroyed by drought in California
Tunnel through sandstone at Zion National Park in Utah
Winding road on Lewiston grade to river and towns
Three mobile homes on sagebrush sites in resort area
Outdoor play station being destroyed by crane
Gate closed on road to clearcut in Washington state
Conveyor belt carrying rocks and soil at gravel excavator site
Historic church and new residential building in Portland OR
Vandalized gravestone repaired with pins and mortar in pioneer c
Rocky beach and hydroelectric dam on river in Washington state
Ferry boat approaching terminal on downtown waterfront in Seattl
Hop hornbeam tree growing on parking strip in Seattle WA
Apple orchards blossoming in spring
Steam rising from paper mill in Washington state
Sign on restaurant advertising home-made pie
Soda processing plant above Lake Owens CA
Barn and pasture in mountains of central Washington state
Emergency entrance to hospital
Side street entrance to office building in rural New Mexico
Ship with rust on its hull in drydock
Firewood chopped and stacked in rural Washington state
Hops growing on vine in Yakima Valley WA
Ship carrying cars passing through strait in Washington state
Insect trap for gypsy moths attached to tree bark
Seaweed and flock of California gulls in Washington state
Stone breakwater to prevent erosion of spit by Pacific Ocean
Crane stacking debarked logs for export in Washington state
Boat anchored in mouth of Dungeness River on Olympic Peninsula
Debarked logs at mill to be exported in Washington state
Driftwood shelter built in tree root on ocean beach
Scaffolding around oil storage tank at paper mill
Driftwood shelter built on beach in Washington state
Tractor loading tree on stack of logs for export
Birds on pilings and lighthouse beyond in Washington state
Horseshoe pit in town park on lake shore
Fruit of hop hornbeam tree maturing in late summer
Road to radar tower on hilltop in Californian desert
Fire alarm attached to wall
Old tombstone vandalized in pioneer cemetery
Organic vegetables growing in field on farm
Smoke rising from chimney at paper mill
Island exposed due to lowered water because of dam crack
Conveyor belt for putting wood chips on barge
Apple orchard and fan in spring near Wenatchee WA
Fence separating pastures in eastern Washington state
Wind farm on hill in rural eastern Washington state
Bolts driven into rock in blast zone on mountain pass
Barn and fence in eastern Washington state
Crops planted and cattle grazing on plateau in Washington state
Kayaker running rapids in river
Rotating sprinkler and alfalfa field in Washington state
Three donkeys grazing in southern Utah
Dock at lake and zip line in southern Utah
Cattle ranch and plowed field in central Washington state
Road leading through alfalfa field to irrigation equipment
Hiker descending rocky slope in southern Utah
Abandoned homesteader's house at ghost town in Utah
Solar panels near national park in southern Utah
Gate leading to pioneer cemetery at Grafton UT
Watering hole for cattle at high elevation in northern Arizona
Car on curving road through rock formations in southern Utah
Wind turbine and rapeseed in eastern Washington state
Gravel road on grassy hills in eastern Washington state
Alfalfa field and apple orchard under basalt formation in Washin
Wind turbines in mountain pass at Ryegrass WA
Wanapum Dam on Columbia River in central Washington state
Resort community in arid scablands of central Washington state
Plowed field and basalt formations in rural central Washington s
Lounge chairs on apartment house lawn in Santa Barbara CA
Homesteader's house and plowed field in central Washington state
Osprey in nest on wooden pole
Osprey flying from nest on pole in Washington state
Plowed soil and homesteader's house in central Washington state
Suction valve for taking water from stream for irrigating crops
Office building with board replacing broken window
Utility trench dug for wires at housing development site
Lifeguard at saltwater pool near beach in Santa Barbara CA
Public fountain on main street of California town
Clock in Old Town of Santa Barbara CA
Colorful compass at end of wharf in Santa Barbara CA
Oranges falling from trees due to drought in California
Hotel on Boulevard St Michel in Paris
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