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HD SLOW: Driving under the bridge in slow motion
Piggy looking around in slow motion
Woman finds a skeleton while choosing what to wear
Throwing Salad in To Bucket of Water Cleaning
Cleaning Green Salad in Bucket of Water
Pulling Away Bad Parts Green Salad in Bucket of Water
Checking Green Salad for Bad Parts Soaking in Water
Man Harvesting Salad from Garden Wide shot Slow Motion
Removing Dirt After Cutting Salad from Garden Soil
Man Harvest Salad Vegetable from Garden
Gardener kneels and picks up some of the vegetables
Picking up dandelion from the garden
Cutting grass under the vegetables
Water Splatter over Big Car
Point of view shot emptying water container onto the grass
Detail shot of drop water falling from pump
Detail shot of falling water drops in slow motion
Filling container with a water from the well pump
Hand falls quickly on the clover field
Softly touching the clover covered with dew
Detail shot of cleaning small plow
Farmer uses wooden sticks to clean dirty parts of plow
quiet rainy day
Gardener sticks wooden stick into plow to clean the dirt
Close shot of man cleaning plow small machine
Cleaning the cultivator plow with a wooden stick
Farmer sweeps floor with large broom on garden
Traveling through grass field in slow motion
Shot of  large grass field on a bright day
Using large broom to sweep earth on the floor
Sweeping floor with a wooden broom in the garden
Manually watering the dry garden soil
Manually watering the salads in garden
Dynamic shot of sprinkling water over vegetables in the garden
Gardener watering the onions on his garden
Low angle pan shot of watering the garden vegetables
POV of watering the garden
Close shot of watering garden in slow motion
Crane shot garden rows full of ripe salads
Filling the flower pot with soil
Detail shot of rake moving earth in slow motion
Hay hat falls onto the garden soil
Farmer goes softly through the salad with his hand
Detail shot of shovel digging into the soil
Hand touches above the ground part of potatoes
Two hands grabbing soil and letting it to fall back
Farmer puts hay hat on head and continues to work
Gardener rakes soil with wooden rake shot from behind fence
Rows of parsley in the farmer garden
Shovel spears the earth and moves it
Detail shot of gardener checking quality soil in garden
Male hand checks the quality of soil
Close shot of farmer put the hat on his head
Gardener rakes soil in garden shot from rake perspective
Gardener makes a pile of soil with the rakes
Shallow focus shot of hay falling onto top shovel handle
Gardener rakes the soil in his garden
Hay hat on shovel handle with farmer in the background
Man in blue collar moves around garden with a rake
Low angle shot of man throwing the earth with shovel
Point of view using wooden rake on the garden
Grower lifts the board used to split garden into divisions
Close low angle shot of farmer preparing the garden
Close low angle shot of loosening the soil with rake
Farmer using brand new broom to sweep around the soil
Farmer shovels soil and turns it over in slow motion
Close shot of farmer shovel the soil around
Grower use shovel to make some holes into plowed field
Farmer picks up piece of plant and throws into field
Farmer returns soil to the plowed field with his shovel
Grower shoveling soil standing next to rows of grown vegetables
Farmer turning over upper layer of soil with his cultivator
Farmer adds a pair of spare small wheels to cultivator
Farmer plows the field with cultivator
Man standing at middle of field starting modern plowing machine
Male using modern machine for plowing over the fence
Farmer working on field shot from road behind the fence
Grower attempts to start the cultivating machine
Ploughing the field in slow motion
Motorized cultivator mixing fresh soil close up slow motion
Farming land with motorized tools slow motion
Cultivating land in extreme close up slow motion
Mechanical cultivator working in slow motion
Close up on cultivator mixing soil
Salad growing on ecological land
Daisies growing beside cultivated land
Grow vegetables on own land crane shot
Walking with rubber boots in soil slow motion
High angle motor cultivator preparing soil in slow motion
Man on own land cultivating soil slow motion
Low angle cultivator thrashing soil close up slow motion
Man with cultivator preparing land for sowing
Plowing soil with cultivator and stopping
Plowing soil with manure ready for plant vegetables
Plowing soil land with motor cultivator crane shot slow motion
Man with cultivator plowing garden slow motion
Powered cultivator plow the land in slow motion crane shot
Cultivating fresh soil crane shot slow motion
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