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no smoking sign
Buoys on land 02
Screw conveyor.
Buoys on land 01
Blue crane grab.
Fishing hooks on fender.
Fishing net and rope.
Close up of old wooden painted boat.
yellow wooden wall with two windows.
Hinge and number on wooden gate.
Fising hooks on rope fender.
two red boxing gloves
no smoking area
red boxing glove holding a shining cup
car accident
soldiers shooting with blackpowder
Video surveillance
cocker spaniel sitting outside
brunch this way
old-fashioned ladies
old paint on wood
large amount of aromatic coffee beans
coffee grinder behind many brown beans
rope wood and colour
three onions and a basket
yellow old-fashioned toilet sign
boxing gloves and a golden cup
nostalgic bar in the old house
Video surveillance camera
four old rusty canons
Video surveillance
old-fashioned girl
bar on the wall
old-fashioned coffee mill and coffe beans
dogs allowed only on a lead ,closeup
pistol and bullets
polar bear eating meat
Flags on the fishing boat
Flags on fishing boat
huge fungus
red buoy with broom
green buoy with broom
blue balcony
duck in denmark
shackles and chains
shadows on the wall
little window with two shutters
old rusty howitzer canon
two burnt-out cars
head of the penguin
burnt-out car
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