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Ideal human proportion that governs the universe. Making of Huma
Cogs in the shape of a human brain.
Cogwheel World.
Antique Clock made of selectable ungroupable metal parts and cog
Face off. Dialogue.
Renaissance Thinker. The man made of Words.
Hand drawn human iris.Background.
Eye rosette.
The Embodied Human Connection
Cogs and Gears Human Head. Cyborg profile.
Stop the war.
War instruments are Man Made Machines. Handgun Hand Gesture.
Bound to the Manipulator, even as a Pointing Finger.
Debate. The science of communication.
Super Human Antagony.
Cogs and Gears of Clock.
Steam City. Metropolis drawing with ribbon banner.
The Vitruvian Man. Remake of Leonardo da Vinci's drawing. v1.0
Global Politics. Economical patterns of the world.
The architecture of evolutionary synthesis. Robotics.
Pointing Finger Mechanic Hand.
Eye Sun.
modern ambient
Thinking at the missing part. Gears mind.
Strategy Behind the right Direction.
modern livingroom
Full time thinker. The science of mind.
On the verge of understanding.
Behind the curtain. Exposed human body.
Cartoon City with Fish Eye Zeppelin
Set of metal parts, plates, wires and electronic circuits.
The inner transparency. Body, mind, spirit.
Freedom of Speech.
Cogs Set. Drawings.
Baby cyborg.
Dynamic Cogs and Metal Parts Background Texture.
modern ambient
Pile of Cogs. Background texture. Hand drawing.
Chain Reaction.
Old Tech City.
Alien city on planet earth.
City steampunk set3 2013
City steampunk set2 2013
Iris seamless pattern. v1.0
The history we never had. Map.
Alien city on planet earth.
Solaris. Macro human eye drawing.
Vintage Steampunk City
Ancient steampunk city on the hills.
Old steampunk city with banner.
Steam city landscape.
City Background.
Steam city map.
The censorship refusal. Eye manifesto.
Eye. Detail.
The unzipped element of surprise.
Human eye illustration.
Human Eye emblem
Scientifical approach.
Human eye. Iris expanding and contracting.
Tired human eye. Hand drawn iris detail.
Peeking eye. Zipper,
The eye of woods.
The third eye.
Cornea artwork.
City steampunk set1 2013
Human eye surface.
Human eye. Iris and pupil.
Seamless pattern
Iris variations. Macro human eye.
Science of the human eye.
I can't stop looking.
Pupil and Iris  drawing close-up.
Eye drawing.
Iris attack.
The story of human eye.
Android eye.
Biotechnology pupil. Music in the eyes.
Impressionist Thread Background
Sea landscape
Sunflower with selectable and ungroupable petals, seeds, core,et
Sun color. Sunflower
Aiming towards the sky. Sunflowers
wood plank
Sunflower set
Sunflowers. Isolated objects
Hand-drawn background texture
Abstract expressionism. Tribute to Pollock.
Early Surrealism. Tribute to Miro.
Man taking hat off. Thread art.
Line art set.
Seamless background
Variable grass modules.
record vinyl
Thread airplane.
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