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On the road to Timpanogos
Taj Mahal and reflection
Train at station in India
Tea garden roads
Sunset at agra
Truck and reflection
Trumpeteer Swan
Sofa set and arches
Tabernacle/choir in Temple Square
Moon over a templ
Taj Mahal
Smiling face of baby
Truck in wheel
Boat in the backwaters
Mirror Lake
Rock temples in India
Flyover junction
Chapel at temple square
Paddy field
Truck at sunset
Truck below sun at sunrise
Cycling sign in bryce
Campers below timpanogos
Boat tied down
Elk, Deer in yellowstone
Hikers at lake
Hiker in the clouds
Overlooking the city
Temple at Temple Square, SLC
Warriors attacking and defending
Boats and man at lake
Dead trees in the water
Two anchors
Contemplating at the waterfalls
Trail to timpanogos
Beach slippers
Woman washing clothes in river
Tea plantations in Munnar
Jodhpur, the blue city
Aerial view of Emerald lake
Waterfalls at Timpanogos
Road and tunnel
Mountain at emerald lake
Anchors and boats
Sunrise and poles
At the ocean's edge
Stump of a dead tree
Dead trees in water
Dead trees at honnemoradu
Dead tree in lotus shape
Fence in the water
Sunrise and electricity poles
Winding river
Hiker at the edge
Glacier at emerald lake
House in the hills
Hikers at Emerald lake
Canoes upside down
Sun and the sand
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