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Old Hall Gatepost
Thornborough Henge
Sandsend Ness
The River Esk at Whitby
North Yorkshire Coast
Whitby from Sandsend
Whitby in the evening
Waves at the beach
Beach and Sea
Sandsend Ness
Augustus Caesar
El Jem Villa
Statue of a Goddess
Linlithgow Palace
Scarborough Castle and North Bay
Horseshoe Pass
Temple of Bellona
Guisborough Priory
Mausoleum of Augustus
Basilica of Damous el Karita
Circus Maximus
Arch of Septimius Severus
Porta San Giovanni
Sunken Amphorae
Temple of Hercules
Baths of Mithras
Constantine Presides over York
Whitby Abbey
Trajan's Market
Roman Mausoleum
House of Annius
Baths of the Cyclops at Dougga
Carthage Byrsa Ruins
Basilica of Maxentius
Aurelian Walls
Baths of Caracalla
Detail of the Ludovisi Sarcophagus
Hammamet Roofs
Villa of the Quintilii Nymphaeum
Roman Forum
Boats at Hammamet
Basingwerk abbey
Amphitheatre Castrense
Hammamet Roofs
Thuburbo Maius Capitol
Table Tomb
El Jem Amphitheatre
Colosseum Interior
Trajan's Market
Oudna Amphitheatre
Mustis Street
Baths of Caracalla
Mosaic Floor
Pyramid of Caius Cestius
Antonine Baths
Punic Mausoleum
Temple of Bellona
Dougga Housing
Oudna Amphitheatre
Thuburbo Maius Summer Baths
El Jem Amphitheatre
Churchyard Gate
Trevi Fountain
Housing at Dougga
Elgin Cathedral
Horrea Epagathiana
Baths of Gargilius
Queen Mary's Tower
Anne Bronte's Grave
Bewcastle Saxon Cross
Roman Inscription Fragments
Oudna Aqueduct
Giant Hand of Constantine
Detail of Trajan's Column
Whitby Abbey
Laon Cathedral Tower
Tournai Cathedral
Abbey of Lieu-Restauré
Laon Cathedral
Vauclair Abbey
Marigny Covered Market
Villa of the Quintilii
Trajan's Market
Temple of Apollo
Pyramid of Gaius Cestius
Colosseum interior
Baths of Caracalla Caldarium
Trajan's Market
Heroic Relief
Ponte Rotto
Flavian Palace
Baths of Diocletian
Forum Baths of Ostia
Villa of the Quintilii
Trajan's Market
Baths of Neptune
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