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Christmas Angel handmade.
Christmas Angels.
Christmas card with blue bows.
Christmas card with blue ball.
Merry christmas and New Year's collage.
Golden balls and icicles. Collage.
Gold Christmas tree decorations.
Card with golden Christmas tree.
Christmas trees. Collage.
Coffee, biscotti and a teaspoon.
Egg in a stand, fork and knife.
Biscotti with chocolate in a glass jar.
Biscuits with chocolate closeup.
Biscotti with chocolate closeup.
Coffee with Italian cookies.
Biscotti with chocolate and walnuts.
Biscotti with hazelnuts.
Coffee grinder and Italian cookies.
Biscotti in a cup.
Biscuits with hazelnuts.
Biscotti in a blue cup.
Coffee pot and  italian cookies.
Biscotti with hazelnuts.
Biscotti and coffee beans.
Biscotti in striped teacup.
Tin and slice of herring on a fork.
Cherry strudel.
Strudel with apples, ice cream and berries.
Strudel with apples.
Cherry strudel and ice cream.
Plate with cherry strudel and fork.
Plate with cherry strudel.
Plate with cherry strudel closeup.
Piece of cherry strudel.
Cherry strudel and coffee.
Plate with apple strudel.
Biscotti with Almonds.
Biscotti and a glass of liquor.
Slice of herring and black bread.
Slice on a fork herring and black bread.
Sliced €‹herring in oil.
Slice of herring on a fork closeup.
Flowering dandelions.
Vegetables on the grill closeup.
Grilled vegetables.
Homemade peanut and walnut butter.
Grilled vegetables in wooden bowl.
Roasted vegetables, fork and knife.
Summer pie with peaches and thyme.
Tarte Tatin with peaches and thyme.
Piece of peach pie closeup.
Plate with peach pie and thyme.
Peach pie with thyme.
Miso soup with salmon close-up.
Autumn collage.
Miso soup with salmon and leek.
Miso soup with salmon.
Croissant with chocolate on a sheet of parchment.
Breakfast with croissant.
Croissant with chocolate for breakfast.
Plate with croissant and chocolate.
Croissant with chocolate paste.
Breakfast with croissant and chocolate.
Salmon, lemon,onion and spices.
Colorful quail eggs.
Quail eggs and egg with two yolks.
Sausage and vegetables cooked on the grill.
Sausages and grilled vegetables closeup.
Salmon, lemon and spices closeup.
Salmon, lemon and spices.
Hair oil and wooden comb.
Complex for hair restoration.
Basket with vegetables.
Vegetables in the basket.
Blueberry fruit in a wooden bowl .
Raspberries and blackberries with green leaves.
Raspberry and blackberry.
Ripe raspberries.
Red, white and black raspberries.
Blackberry fruit with leafs.
Ripe berry blackberry closeup.
Ripe blackberries.
Summer dessert Semifreddo.
Summer dessert with berries.
Italian dessert with berries.
Berry Semifreddo - Italian dessert.
Italian dessert with summer berries.
Blueberries in a wooden bowl closeup.
Blueberry fruit&
Little pink roses.
Small roses. Collage.
Sandwich with tomato, cheese and basil.
Soup with duck, leek and parsley.
Miso soup with duck.
Miso soup with duck breast closeup.
Miso soup with duck breast.
Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil on ciabatta.
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