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Stainforth, Yorkshire, England
Close-up of wind turbine rotor
Harvesting the crop and the wind
Lifeguards body board at Bridlington
Small wind turbine
Backdrop of wind turbines
Power on the horizon
Pylons and turbines
Panoramic pylons
Coastal view at Bridlington Bay
Cliff view of Bridlington Bay
Lifeguards surfboard
Car boot sale on the cliff tops at Bridlington
Combine and turbine
Bridlington Bay
Cliff tops at Bridlington
Red flower on cliff
Beach huts at Bridlington
Formation of cirrus clouds
Accumulation of altocumulus clouds
Altocumulus cloud formation
Great cloud formation
Cumulus silver lining
Silver linings and sunbeams
Mackerel sky cloud formation
Rays of sunlight
Cirrus cloud formation
Cirrocumulus cloud formation
Group of cirrus clouds
Cirrus and altocumulus clouds
Blue sky with cirrocumulus clouds
Cirrus and cirrocumulus clouds
Cumulus with sunbeams
Cumulus clouds in deep blue sky
Strange cloud formation
Accumulation of cirrocumulus clouds
Cirrocumulus cloud formation
Cirrocumulus in deep blue sky
Strands of cirrus clouds
Rays of sunlight
Beautiful cloud formation
Stratocumulus and cumulus clouds
Dark cumulus clouds
Altocumulus clouds
Heavy cumulus cloud formation
Walk in Masca
Blazing red sunset clouds
Mackeral sky effect
Mackeral sky
Cumulus and cirrus cloud formation
Blue sky with altocumulus clouds
Flaming red sunset
Cloud with a silver lining
High wispy cirrus clouds
Cumulus cloud in blue sky
Group of altocumulus clouds
Cirrus clouds at sunset
Wispy cirrus clouds
Cirrocumulus cloudscape
Cirrus clouds at sunset
Cumulus cloud
High Cirrus Clouds
Cirrus clouds
Cirrocumulus clouds
Altocumulus clouds
Setting sun in Tenerife
Sunset over Roja Amarilla, Tenerife
Sunset over Yellow Rock in Tenerife
Masca in Tenerife
La Gomera
Skimming stones at the Humber Bridge
Throwing stones in the river
Brother and sister against tree
Little girl climbing
Family fun
Boy on climbing frame
Harvesting wind, harvesting food
Wind turbines and power stations
Partial front view of York Minster
Part of York Minster
Harvesting food, harvesting wind.
Array of pylons and turbines
Wind turbines on the horizon
Mount Teide sunset
Lossiemouth Scotland, over the sea
Lossiemouth, Scotland, over fields
Distant view of Lossiemouth, Scotland
Mediterranean colours
Wind turbine blades
Reflection of bridge in water
Humber Bridge from South Bank
Humber Bridge from Barton
View beneath the Humber Bridge
The Peacock butterfly
Clifford's Tower, York, framed in foliage
York, Clifford's Tower
Ancient Clifford's Tower, York
Clifford's Tower ruins, York
Footpath sign
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