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Alley Cat
Bolt and nut
Small change
Trosa Archipelago
Old binoculars
Ski tracks in fresh snow
Old cabins
Skier on Hardangervidda
Barn at small inlet
M-sign with blue sky
Skier on Hardangervidda
Man on a mountain
Wood anemone
Water Lily
Power line in the country
Toy boat in river
Speed limit
Boat landing in winter
Wolf's Bane
Boat at the beach in winter
Handing over some cash
Clock on wall
Short toothbrush
Wall Snow Tree
Moss in the forest
M-sign on narrow country road
Bottles at market stall
Swedish calendar
Roe deer
Winter in Scandinavia
Dalecarlian horse
Small bank notes
Detail of Afghan bank note
Chimney and rooftop
Barn and fence
Common blue butterfly
Trailhead at Nipfjallet
Bumps ahead
Eurasian Coots on Ice
Heart and arrow
Fingering moss
Scarlet Lily Beetle
Skier on Hardangervidda
Color pens
One, two, three
Swedish stamps
Reef knot
Drops on waxed car
Afghanistan bank note
Old Stamps
Spring flower
Trosa Archipelago
Brass screws
Scarce copper
Pot Marigold
Norwegian sweater
Skier near the summit
First snow on the coast
Small red shed on the shore
Blue yarn
Traffic sign
Small Lizard
Amanda's Blue Butterfly
Green leaf
Rain drops on hood
Letter A
Amanda's Blue Butterfly
Red yarn
One stamp missing
Small barn
Orange/red yarn
Silver-washed Fritillary
Mixed bank notes
Chinese urn
Skis and Mt. Stadjan
Small mountain hamlet
Office building detail
Brass screws
Cabbage White Butterfly
Shopping bags
Ski lifts in the summer
Kemal Atatürk on bank note
Cast iron lid
Nature loves you
All weather track - Lane 4
Small country road
Five Rubel bank note
Apollo Butterfly
Drying Corn
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