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Handful of teff grains, Ethiopia.
Cayenne Peppers and dried Red Chili.
Owner of boat on water street in Belen, Iquitos, Peru.
Pilgrims wait beginning of the Orthodox Christmas Night, Lalibel
Woman washes clothes on water street of Belen, Iquitos, Peru.
Bowl of steamed Wild rice, Asian style.
Indian boy washes dishes on his own tricycle, Delhi, India.
Peruvian women work as vendors at market Belen, Iquitos, Peru.
Vietnamese women carry new catch in Mui Ne, Vietnam.
Bowl of steamed rice with cherry tomatoes.
Wall texture of stone house, Svaneti, Georgia country.
Andes Mountain Range over Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.
Bernese puppy with pink ball.
Railways along the River Kwai, Thailand.
Vietnamese woman sells  prawns at market of Mui Ne, Vietnam.
Indian man and his bullock cart on street, Delhi, India.
Main Bazaar is the busiest street in New Delhi, India.
Fish stalls at a street market in Delhi, India.
Rwandan woman at the Lake Kivu shore in Gisenyi, Rwanda.
Volunteers hand out food to pilgrims after Christmas, Lalibela,
Street market in Varanasi, India.
Turkish vendor sells simits on a street, Istanbul, Turkey.
Indian women carry water through wheat field near Indore, India.
Fishing boats lined up in Balaklava, Sevastopol's suburb, Crimea
Rwandan girl stands on the Lake Kivu shore, Gisenyi, Rwanda.
Reflection of clouds in The River Bityug, Russia.
Handful of soybeans, India.
Traditional souvenirs Hamer tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.
Boda wait for their customers on road near Kabale, Uganda.
Monument  to Duke de Richelieu in Odessa, Ukraine.
Blooming apple branches with Svan towers, Georgia.
Spring tulips bed in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Wild pink anemones, Georgia.
Indian man irons clothes using coal iron, Delhi, India.
Jeep with tourists in the salt desert Uyuni, Bolivia.
Grazing yaks, spring time in Ladakh, India.
Turkish fishermen fish rod on Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey.
Bolivians walk past Central Bus Station in La Paz, Bolivia.
Karo woman peels calabash in Colcho, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.
Pilgrims wait for the Orthodox Christmas Night in Lalibela, Ethi
Homeless man sleeps on a street in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Shoeshiners wait for clients at Juba's market, South Sudan.
Tractor prepared for loading on a street in Ukhimath, India.
Street vendor sells mangoes on Main Bazaar, Delhi, India.
Indian road builders on Zoji La, Srinagar - Leh road, India.
Sadhu sits near the Ganges during Kumbha Mela, Haridwar, India.
Cow on a street of Mestia, Svaneti, Georgia.
Cobbled street in Signagi, Georgia.
View of Burkhan Rock on Olkhon Island, Baikal, Russia.
Caucasian Sheepdog Puppy.
Blue spring bluebell flowers.
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater in Odessa city, Ukraine.
Exterior of The 19th century house in Odessa, Ukraine.
Wheat and oat fields, Russia.
Fortress tower of Solovetsky Monastery, Solovki Islands, Russia.
Portrait of Kashmiri vendor on Srinagar - Jammu road, India.
Rickshaw man waits passengers on a street in Delhi, India.
Portrait of Hamer woman in Colcho village, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.
Fishing boats lined up in Balaklava, near Sevastopol, Crimea, Uk
Indian woman lays out clothes for drying, Varanasi, India.
Ethiopian woman sells khat on a street in Harar, Ethiopia.
Egyptian waiter touts tourists to his street restaurant, Cairo,
Black salt from the crater lake El Sodo, Ethiopia.
Meeting in support of 30 Greenpeace activists, Moscow, Russia.
Kids play on a street in Juba, South Sudan.
Peruvian woman sells exotic fruits on a street, Iquitos, Peru.
Shoe shiners wait for their clients in La Paz, Bolivia.
Bolivian woman cooks grilled pork on street, La Paz, Bolivia.
Money changer with 10-rupees notes on a street, Srinagar, India.
Unidentified person dressed as
Indian Muslim girls walk after worship in mosque, Kerala, India.
Heart-shaped lined pink petals, white background.
Snowy apple tree in wintertime.
Family of monkeys, Cambodia.
Unwanted oranges in a city park of Valencia, Spain.
Rocky  formations in Cappadocia, Turkey.
Snowy street in Voronezh city, Russia.
Sunset rays through snowy spruce trees.
Peruvian man offers exchange foreign currency in Lima, Peru.
Man carries on his head goods for selling, Masindi, Uganda.
Shoe shiner works at Mercato in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Peruvian woman sells juice from exotic fruit
Kashmir farmers go from market on water street, Srinagar, India.
Funny Pillow Battle in city park Fili, Moscow, Russia.
Boy on a street after celebration Kurban Bayram, Cairo, Egypt.
Traditional village house at Kenozerie, Russian North.
Fresh eels in Vietnamese market.
Spanish flags flutter above unidentified fans.
Meeting in support of 30 Greenpeace activists, Moscow, Russia.
Peninsula on Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.
Frosted tree in winter time, Russia.
The Victoria Nile River before Murchison Falls, Uganda.
Laguna Colorado at The Eduardo Avaroa N. P., Bolivia.
Salt extraction at Salar Uyuni, Bolivia.
Old apple tree in foggy morning, Ukraine.
Multicolored macaroons in a plate isolated.
Withered leaves of sycamore on a street in Sevastopol.
Soil erosion in The Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia.
Western tourists cross river in Queen Elizabeth N.P., Uganda.
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