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fettuccine with cheese. Top view.
suimono soup top view
Rack of lamb closeup
rolls Oma Roru top view
Veal of skewer
miso soup top view
sliced cold boiled pork
Mussels in sea salt Top view
assorted fruits
Hitaki nivatori top view
Mussels in sea salt
suimono soup
cold boiled pork
tempura shrimps
​Salmon Slices
skewer of chicken livers
Skewer of scallop
rolls thay yaki on a plate
Top view of rolls Toyama
rolls with smoked salmon
Rack of lamb with gravy
sushi spice kani
rolls Takumi
different appetizer to beer on a dish
Veal skewer
Top view of pork skewer
Top view of hot rolls with salmon
chicken livers skewer
Hot rolls with salmon
rolls Toyama
shrimps skewers
Top view of dish with chicken nuggets
skewers of shrimps
seabass with vegetables
confetti salad
Rack of lamb top view
rolls thay yaki
fettuccine with grated cheese
dish with salad confetti
salad with tongue on white dish. Top view
Top view of plate with chicken skewer
rolls Oma Roru
scallop skewer
different appetizer to beer
chicken skewer
pork skewer
different snacks to beer
shrimps tempura
shrimps shashlik
Hitaki nivatori
oyster mushroom salad
Nemo salad on a dish
salad with tongue
Rack of lamb
funchoza salad
Top view of different snacks to beer
salad Veche
salad Nemo
salad with oyster mushrooms
salad funchoza
salad Nemo with shadow
Veche salad
PLate with Veche salad
dish with sausages
sliced tongue
roll with fruits
ebi rolls on a dish
Sliced pizza cassoulet
Manzo pizza
Mostarda di Frutta
hunters Pizza
dish with sausages for beer
Appetizer for beer
Caesar rolls
rolls Kappa unagi side view
shiro maki rolls
Kappa unagi rolls
ebi rolls
Kunsei rolls
Sorrento rolls
Butaniku rolls
Sweet fruit roll
Pizza manzo
pork in bacon with mushroom garnish
salad confetti
Pizza cassoulet closeup
sausages for beer
salad California closeup
Snacks for beer
rolls Caesar
rolls shiro maki
rolls Kappa unagi top view
rolls Kunsei
rolls Sorrento
rolls Kappa nigiri
rolls Butaniku
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