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This problem is going to need everyone's imput
Success was always going to be her's!
My dreams of success are coming true...
Smiling all the way to success
Formulating new business models
They've got the know-how
What's your style?
One success after another!
Business is good!
These arrows know the way
This way to go green
Putting in some overtime
Working to her own schedule
I have to meet this deadline
I've found my true calling
Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?
Here's to me and a job well done!
It feels good to have made it!
This project is going to need a lot of overtime
Concentration and Dedication get's the job done
Let's discuss your portfolio...
Working through the finer details
Which way to go?
It feels great to have made it!
Respected business manager
Basic directions
Always striving for excellence
I'm always ready to help!
She's going to wow them with her business ideas
Taking a load off this weekend
Let the partying begin!
She's got heaps of self-confidence
Handsome mature business leader
Putting on the final touches
Leading his team by example
Could this work?
I enjoy the challenge of designing
Three cheers for business success!
Go right!
Her ideas are innovative and original
Delighting their fans with sick beats
Focused on the future of their company
He's a professional who'll care for your parcel
She's definitely a people person
Analysing the day's reports
Fitness 101: Get great gym buddies!
Natural and confident
She is his dream come true
Celebrating their differences
Leading the way around
Beautiful family of three
I'll go out of my way to help!
Weekend, please come and rescue me!
Calm leadership
She's inspired by her work environment!
She could sell sand in a desert!
Forgetting about everything around them
His business ideas are groundbreaking!
Great office vibe
Squiggling in all directions
Refresh with these amazing icons
Catching up during lunch
Forging fabulous friendships
Her sunny disposition can win over any client!
Learning new ways to do business
Outlining his vision for the company
There we go!
Sharing his experience and teaching them about business
Making sure his staff are on top of their game
Nothing like success to put you in a good mood!
She's excited about her new project
Sharing her ideas
The way forward is clear
One confident woman!
They're bootylicious!
Follow me
Engrossed in his online world
Enhance your beauty
All she needs for her weekend away
He's arrived
Fine tuning their business plan
Recording the facts
Lending a hand to global change
Confidence like mine comes with age
Digital story time!
I did it my way
Staying connected on the go
He's got vision
Pointing you in the right direction
The bond of rider and horse
Feeling too much of the burn
She loves to laugh
Confident and easy-going
Protect your cyber identity at all costs
Toasting to our trip
She's an image of a beautiful future
Creating a brand new design
I'll give it a yes
Round and round we go
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