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Antique weapon. Streitkolben and war hammer.
Jellyfish Rhopilema nomadica
The storm is coming
Star Gate
Alladin's cave
Alpine cyclamen
Pinus canariensis cone
Golden Leaf
White coffee
Coffee with pie and ice cream
Tree in the mist.
Cochem. Germany
Frankfurt. Peterskirche
Antique weapon. Arbalet.
Candle and silver wine cups on a black background.
Foggy morning over valley of the Moselle river
Country landscape with a farmhouse.
Vintage porcelain tea set
Vintage porcelain tea set
Living room interior.
Kitchen living room interior.
View over valley of the Moselle river
Gongylus gongylodes - master of camouflage.
Girl swimming butterfly.
Alladin's cave.
Coast line near the northern border of Israel
Landscape with the bench
Wildflowers in the morning fog
Alladin's cave
Pitaya (a dragon fruit ) on the white background
Stir-fried chicken breast with vegetables
Silver wine cups
Silver wine cups
Sailing ship Esmeralda. The view at night
Foggy morning in a pine forest
Play of light beams over Moselle river valley
Pine forest in the early morning.
Sunrise in the fog
Antique weapon. Flintlock Pistol.
Set of a laboratory hand tools
View from the sea over beach Carmel and hotels.
Rosh HaNikra cliff
Antique weapon. Musket.
Sunset over Haifa bay
Thanderstorm over night city.
Forest meadow.
Vineyards of the Moselle River
The Driekoenigskirche in Frankfurt, Germany
?argo ship on the river Moselle. Germany.
Summer is over
Night landscape
Forest in the fog
Ultrasound field intensity of the multi crystal transducer.
Country landscape with rolls of hay
Blue agate geode.
Israel. Emek Hashalom
Orange agate geode
Haifa. Evening Lights
Cliff at sunset
Blue agate geode.
Bahai Gardens at night
Albatross in flight
Life of Insects
Handmade silver cups
Bottle of olive oil.
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