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Solar clock from 1754
18th century serenade
Engraving composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Fort Ticonderoga 18th Century Cannon & landscape, New York USA
Rokoko Church, Germany
Lille Building
Lille Building
Lille Building
Lille Building
Colonial Architecture
Louisbourg 300 Clebration Period Actors
Lille Grand Place
Colonial Character
Colonial Character
Colonial Woman
Colonial Woman
Colonial Woman
Lille Grand Place
Capiata, Paraguay: Candelaria church (eighteenth century)
18th-Century Candle Holder by Meissonnier
Lille Grand Place
Lille Grand Place
Lille Grand Place
Anchor and Galleon
Capiata, Paraguay: Candelaria church
Two Men in Period French Costumes
Women in Period Costumes
Lille Grand Place
Capiata, Paraguay: Candelaria church
Capiata, Paraguay: Candelaria church
Regent Street at dawn London, Uk
Lille Grand Palais
Lille Grand Palais
Exterior wall of mission in Santa Barbara CA
Fort Bennett Single Cannon Tobago
Fort Bennett Tobago Cannons
Rokoko Church, Germany
Ludwig van Beethoven
Joseph Haydn
Carpentry of a mill
Distraught woman,  Antique engraving
Surgeon tools
Construction of rope
Wood carver
man wearing historic regimentals cooking on bonfire night shot
Dr. Urologist
Antique Medical Illustrations of Human hands
Carpentry work
Copenhagen: Neptune statue
Schleissheim Castle, Oberschleissheim
Dutch Quarter, Potsdam
Engraving Frederick Louis Prince of wales
Engraving of Pope Leo XIII from 1878
Explorer Christopher Columbus 1840
Engraving painter Peter Paul Rubens 1842
Engraving Pope Gregory XII from 1720
Engraving of german king Frederick the Great from 1842
Engraving Queen Maria Stuart 1842
Engraving writer Hans Christian Andersen 1874
Engraving of writer Theodor Storm
Engraving of Heinrich Schliemann
Engraving of german writer philosopher Ephraim Lessing
Engraving german pianist and composer Klara Schumann 1877
Argentina harbor of Buenos Aires from 1882
Argentina evangelic church in Buenos Aires from 1882
Argentina railway station of Buenos Aires from 1882
Argentina Plaza de Mayo with Cathedral in Buenos Aires 1882
Native american tribal chief from 1849
Alexander von Humboldt engraving from 1844
Engraving of italian composer Nicolo Paganini 1874
Engraving Louis Daguerre 1850
German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Engraving of printer and publisher Johannes Gutenberg 1870
Steel engraving german painter Albrecht Dürer 1493
Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson 1850
Authors brothers Grimm engraving from 1877
Cartographer Gerardus Mercator 1869
Old-fashioned fortifications
Old Packhorse Bridge
Fake fur tails
Tending to a friend fallen in mock battle
Battle reenactment at close range
Lace detail
Dancing to celebrate life in a time of war
Woman with musket walking alone on mock battlefield
Demonstration of vintage artillery
Re-enactor talks about lifestyles of women in colonial America
Mother and daughter in 18th-century American colonial dress
Woman re-enactor hands over a microphone to another presenter
British regulars at the ready
British regulars stand ready to march to battle
British regulars practice loading their muskets
Asiatic wild ass Onager engraving from 1877
Engraving of Shetland pony from 1877
Engraving of extinct wild horse Tarpan from 1877
Engraving of African buffalo from 1877
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