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Charcoal maker working at pile of wood 1849
Beekeeper reaping honey from tree 1849
People panning for gold at middle ages in Europe
Engraving of Type-Distributing Machine 1881
Engraving of Type-Composing Machine
Engraving alchemist investigating in laboratory from 1870
African slaves harvesting cotton 1875
Engraving Alexander Graham Bell making a call on antique telepho
Engraving men closing champagne bottles with cork
Man distilling alcohol in rural scene 1865
Photographer taking photos with collapsible camera 1876
Engraving shoemaker manufacturing boots 1870
Engraving of factory producing paper 1850
Engraving of factory producing silk
Engraving of oil rigs in United States 1870
Engraving man working at copperplate press 1882
Engraving rotary printing machine from 1870
Engraving farmers harvesting potato field 1835
Engraving of man working at a printing machine
Engraving man working at typecases
Darkroom of a portable magic lantern after Nollet
Engraving of people harvesting wheat with two cows
Photographic studio photographer developing pictures 1864
Engraving of men manufacturing chocolate bars
Engraving of beekeeper reaping honey
Photographic studio photographer with plate camera 1864
Family panning for gold on surface mine Germany 1849
Engraving farmers harvesting wheat field 1882
Engraving of oil rig in United States 1882
Engarving carpenter working at lathe
Engraving man with lithography press in workshop 1882
African slaves boiling sugarcane 1882
School teacher and pupils in classroom from 1875
Engraving man and child working at printing press 1882
Engraving factory people manufacturing candles on machines 1870
Engraving Rotary printing press from Richard Hoe 1870
Engraving of carpenter in his workshop
Engraving first telephone from 1860 made by Reis
Farmer using roller for flattening land pulled by an Ox
Engraving woman putting quill of linen into textil machine
Engraving of factory manufacturing sewing machines in New York
Engraving woman weaving cloth on power loom 1882
Engraving farmers manufacturing cider from apples 1835
Engraving of school teacher and pupils in classroom from 1853
Engraving men selecting grapes for wine production
Engraving farmer plowing a field with two cows
Engraving of school teacher and pupils in classroom from 1875
Engraving man with embossing machine manufacturing coins
Engraving of farmer plowing and mowing a field
Butcher working in butchery 15th century
Engraving men harvesting on vineyard 1835
Engraving of school teacher and pupils in classroom from 1875
Engraving people working at quarry with carrara marble
Engraving man charging a tube mail with message
Engraving people harvesting flax 1882
Engraving wine barrel cleaning machine from 1870
Engraving shipyard worker building a wooden ship from 1880
Engraving men manufacturing coins
Engraving farmer picking apples at fruit plantation 1835
Eel factory at Comacchio a village in Italy
Cheesemaker selling cheese near lake Brienz Switzerland
Engraving farmer reaping wheat with antique machine and horses
Engraving miner working on surface mine to dig gold
Engraving men plowing a field with two horses
Engraving glassblower working with glass
Chocolate grinder illustration from 1882
Engraving flying machine of Jean-Pierre Blanchard from 1870
Engraving man with knurling machine processing metal
Engraving farmer working straw with steam engine
Engraving men working in mine digging for gold and carbon
Astronomer observing through telescope at observatory in Paris 1
Engraving of men working at steam hammer forging iron 1882
Land surveyor Alberto de la Marmora 1820
Engraving man opening sluice gate for ship from 1880
Engarving woman working with scutcher on flax
Railroad yard workers moving railway wagons
Shop of a shoemaker at 17th century in France
Engraving man manufacturing candles from 1870
Engraving men plowing a field with two cows
Engraving man manufacturing candles from 1870
Engraving farmer heckling flax on antique machine from 1882
Engraving woman at binding machine from 1882
Brickyard women manufacturing bricks
Engraving of farmer plowing a field and Agricultural tools
Engraving two men working in pottery workshop 1882
Engraving men bending metal in factory
Engraving men processing liquid metal on furnaces
Engraving man weaving cloth on jacquard loom 1882
Silhouettte machine from the 18th century
Engraving of men working at steam hammer forging iron 1880
Engraving woman working with wool at weaving loom
Type Composing Machine
Engraving of men manufacturing handmade paper
Engraving of steam train 1850
Engraving Post office 16th century
Construction site woodcut from 1586
Engraving women picking apples at fruit plantation
Engraving machine combing linen 1882
Engraving of men building a house 1882
Agriculture plowing machine with steam engine 1865
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