Lightbox: RE-A-002: facial expressions

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Hmm, not sure! Blond boy looks to side, undecided
Zany blond boy looks down, squinting
6 year old wannabe rock star having fun
Rock star kid
Oops! Young blond boy in hoodie is worried
Big-eyed blond boy looks uncertain and nervous
What a struggle
Hmmm... laptop
Appealing 8 year old blond boy, head on one side
Zany 7 year old boy, cross-eyed and grimacing
Too noisy!
Seven-year-old boy rolls his eyes to the right
Blond boy makes the 'Speak no Evil' gesture
7 year old boy holds nose and rolls eyes, phew!
Cute blond 8 year old boy makes zany face
Cute 8 year old blond boy making a ferocious face
Rude boy
Rock star kid
It's not fair! Blond boy pouts, looking resentful
I won't! Blond 8 year old boy frowns sulkily
Nasty smell! Cute blond boy holds nose, looks down squinting
Vacant look from blond boy, tired or with mental issues
Blond 8 year old boy in tears, hands over eyes
Blond 8 year old boy makes funny Bugs Bunny face
Handsome blond 8 year old really upset, close to tears
Amazed child with tongue out
Portrait of handsome 9 year old blond boy
Amazed, goofy grin on gap-toothed wide-eyed boy's face
Close up of fearful blond boy looking to his left
Cute 8 year old blond boy pulls a funny face
Look! My new teeth have come through!
Fruit? For me? Wow!
Young boy in hoodie pulls a face
8 year old boy frowns, annoyed and upset
Blond boy looks vacant: special needs or simply pulling faces
Seven-year-old blond boy looks into distance
blond boy frowns furiously
Blond little boy looks sad
Happy blond boy shows off his new front teeth
8 year old blond boy looks really angry
Wide-eyed boy squeezes juicy citrus, yum!
Long tongue
Mischievous 7 year old boy sticks out his tongue
Little boy in face paint yells a battle cry
Well how about that?
Glum blond boy with hand on chin, looking away
Cute blond boy gives wide goofy smile
Excited toddler riding bike
Handsome 7 year old blonde boy gazes seriously at camera
Cute blond boy looks up, rolling eyes and grimacing
Wide-eyed 7 year old boy is amazed or shocked
Mischievous 7 year old boy pulls a funny face
Handsome 8 year old blond boy happily daydreaming
Cute blond boy grimaces in concentration, rolling his eyes
Handsome blond boy looks down and pouts
An angelic 7 year old boy smiles in his sleep
Handsome 7 year old boy shampoos his hair in bath
Crazy kid with joke nose and glasses
Blonde boy grins as his sister smiles in background
Happy, gap-toothed 8 year old boy laughing
Serious blond boy raises arms in triumph against black backgroun
Handsome blond boy looks up frowning against black background
Cute 8 year old boy pulls funny faces
Cynical little blond boy doesn't believe what he's been told!
Handsome blond 8 year boy old looks disbelieving
Big-eyed blond boy, hand over mouth, is shocked
Angelic little boy sleeps, cheek on hands
Six-year-old boy dresses up as fierce warrior
Boy portrait
Demented child
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