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Welder's helmet
Yellow brick wall with two windows
Two young women choosing color for a room.
Studio shot on white of a construction worker.
Construction worker with hammer and hardhat isolated on white ba
Female welder wearing mask and holding torch isolated on white
Construction worker outside holding plans.
Old tools in a wooden toolbox isolated on white.
Collection of old tools around and in a toolbox.
Construction worker holding plans and pointing outside.
Looking down at various old tools in a wooden toolbox.
Female welder wearing mask and holding torch.
Carpenter's plum hanging on a string isolated against white back
Two young professional women working from home.
Low angle of woman with hard hat and shovel
Studio shot of woman wearing hard hat holding blank sign
Two professional women looking at plans in a house.
Woman cutting with a circular saw
Man installing a new toilet.
Female welder holding mask on a white background
Female construction worker on job site with computer
Man leveling toilet tank during installation
Female construction worker on cell phone by her truck.
Female construction worker outside job site on cell phone
Close up of worker with cane hammer and workbelt
Woman working with a circular saw
Female welder wearing mask and holding torch on white background
Construction woman outside housing development on her phone.
Detail shot of workman holding hardhat and cane
Large dump truck hauling gravel
Head shot on white of woman wearing a welder's mask
Studio shot on white of a construction worker with computer
Woman in blue coveralls wearing a welder's mask on white
Woman measuring a sheet of wood with her tape measure
One woman with gloves a shovel and stormy skies.
Hanging old turnbuckles with chains attached to them
Female worker with hard hat on a white background.
Young woman wearing orange hardhat and holding a clipboard
Old topless caucasian construction worker isolated on white
Woman in overall wearing hard hat and gloves on white
Portrait of a happy eighty year old carpenter.
Studio portrait of young male construction worker isolated on wh
Studio shot of a construction worker on white background
Workman talking on a cell phone holding laptop white background
Three construction workers isolated on white.
Construction woman outside job site on phone and pointing
Construction worker using a laptop computer isolated on white
Construction worker on  white background using a cell phone
Studio portrait of a worker with prosthetic leg on white.
Studio shot on white of woman wearing hard hat
Male construction worker using cell phone and holding a computer
Studio portrait of an happy old carpenter.
Studio portrait of a middle aged workman on white.
Studio portrait of a middle aged laborer on white.
Three construction working guys isolated on white.
Female construction worker outdoors on a work site
Portrait of an old man wearing overalls.
Studio portrait of a workman with dirty hands on white.
Jar full of old nails
Old hammer leaning on jar full of rusty nails
Man with hardhat looking at blueprints outside.
Workman with house plans outside.
Construction worker holding plans outside
Construction worker using a hammer amd chisel.
Various stages of development on a new home construction site
Cement truck on residential construction site.
Workman wearing hardhat sitting with cane.
Studio shot of handyman with tools isolated on white.
Man in suit wearing hard hat with computer on white
Workman wearing a hardhat and holding tools on white background.
Woman wearing hard hat and holding plans on white
Woman holding plans and wearing a hard hat on white
Black and white heavy construction chains attached to metal slin
Several heavy rusty chains attached to hanging turnbuckles
Studio portrait of a old carpenter wearing coveralls.
Full length studio portrait of an 80 year old carpenter
Full length studio portrait of an old man wearing coveralls
Young blonde woman wearing hard hat and safety glasses
Studio shot of a workman with one prosthetic leg
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