Lightbox: Diabetic testing

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Diabetic drawing blood to test blood-sugar levels
Diabetic equipment: glucometer with blood sugar test strip inser
Diabetes: an increasingly common lifestyle disease with related
Diagnostic blood-sugar test strip inserted in glucometer
Medical equipment associated with diabetes: a disease on the inc
Test strip inserted into glucometer to measure blood sugar level
Close-up as thumb squeezes blood drop from finger
Female hand preparing to use automatic lancet for drawing  blood
Automated lancet, glucometer and test strips for diabetic diagno
Diagnostic equipment for diabetics: glucometer test strips and a
Hand adding drop of blood to diabetic glucometer
Hand uses automatic lancet to draw blood
Hand with automated device to draw blood and glucometer
Female hands open sterile swab used to disinfect skin
Hand clicking the release on automatic blood-drawing lancet
The diabetic's daily diagnostic needs: glucometer lancet and tes
Female hand holds glucometer for testing blood sugar levels
Diabetic swabs finger for blood sample, glucometer at the ready
Close up hand pressing lancet on finger to draw blood
Glucometer and test strip for checking blood sugar in diabetics
Diabetic medical form, glucometer, test strips, automatic lancet
Drop of blood going onto test strip in diabetic glucometer
Blood drop going onto test strip in diabetic glucometer
Diabetic glucometer with blood testing strip on medical form
Test strip in glucometer measuring diabetic blood sugar
Glucometer with test strips and medical record form
Diabetic diagnostic equipment: glucometer, test strips and lance
Glucometer for recording diabetic blood sugar levels on medical
Hand prepares to use automatic lancet for drawing blood
Glucometer for testing blood sugar in diabetics on medical recor
Feminine hand uses sterile swab to cleanse finger-prick site
Close up on drop of blood at finger tip
Diabetic daily diagnostic equipment
Hand about to draw blood with automated lancet
Man's hand using automated lancet to draw blood from finger
Drop of blood on test strip in glucometer
Diabetic in-patient record form with glucometer
Close up on drop of blood at finger tip
Blood drop on finger of diabetic testing blood-sugar levels
Diabetic's finger dripping blood onto test strip in glucometer
Daily diabetic kit: chart, test strips, glucometer and automatic
Finger adding blood to glucometer test strip
Close up hand drawing blood using automated lancet
Close up blood drop as automatic lancet does finger prick
Woman's hands tear open sterile disinfecting swab
Woman's hand using sterile medical swab to cleanse finger
Diabetic equipment including glucometer and lancet on medical re
Diabetic person testing blood sugar levels with a glucometer
Diabetic equipment: Glucometer with automatic lancet and test st
Close up of diabetic glucometer with test strip inserted
Elderly female hands opening sterile disinfecting swab
Close up of hands using automated lancet to draw blood
Diagnostic blood-sugar test strip in diabetic glucometer on carr
Glucometer test strip and carrying case on medical form
Old woman's hands use sterile swab to wipe finger
Daily diabetic routine: swab, glucometer and insulin pen on char
Man's hands use sterile swab to clean finger-prick site
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