Lightbox: RE-A-006: woman at desk

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Wide eyed girl peeps over yellow-covered book
Young woman at desk is blown away!
Frowning frustrated young woman holding geographical globe
Wide eyed young woman balances books on head
Wide-eyed girl balances books on head
Cute young woman looks at books and model brain
Pretty woman cutting out paper dolls ar desk
Pretty woman points with chalk to blank blackboard
Oops: worried girl balancing books on head nearly loses them
Pretty woman is depressed by stack of books to study
Wide-eyed young woman fends off flying papers
Pretty young woman cuts out paper dolls smiling
Pretty woman looks down as she cuts out paper dolls
Work-life balance has gone wrong! Woman cannot control office
Studying is fun! Cute young woman with pile of books
Pretty woman looks up from large pile of books smiling
Unhappy young woman with huge stack of books
Pretty woman laughs over large stack of books
Attractive young woman hands clasped and paying attention
Cute young woman with blank blackboard smiles
Young woman goes cross eyed over yellow book
Pretty smiling woman holds up blank blackboard pointng with chal
Pretty girl is amused by contents  of yellow-covered book
Overloaded with books this young woman looks sad and frustrated
Pretty smiling young woman cutting out paper dolls
Serious young woman at desk with scissors and paper dolls
Smiling young woman holds up blank blackboard
Pretty smiling eyes peep over blue book: reading is fun!
Woman tears hair out as papers blow in her face
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