Lightbox: Supermarket: black couple

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Pretty woman chooses orange juice in supermarket and smiles
Couple considering products on shelves in supermarket
Good-looking couple enjoying selecting refrigerated food in supe
Smiling young woman selects healthy vegetables in supermarket
Beautiful young woman in cafe, smiling over her shoulder
Beautiful, smiling young woman with coffee in cafe
Smiling couple sitting together in coffee shop
Price shock! Horrified couple standing by supermarket shelves
Beautiful woman in coffee shop smiles over her shoulder
Woman checks supermarket orange juice label carefully
Inflation hits home as couple are shocked by  high prices
Handsome couple consider their choices in supermarket aisle
Beautiful woman checks her shopping list in the supermarket
Young couple in supermarket look at shelf shocked by something
Cafe culture: handsome couple drinking coffee
Happy handsome couple enjoying supermarket shopping outing
Pretty woman in cafe looks up smiling over her shoulder
Shopping can be fun: beautiful woman smiling in supermarket
Beautiful smiling young woman shopping in supermarket
Handsome man in cafe checks his watch
Beautiful young woman smells bouquet of orange-gold roses
Beautiful smiling woman with take-out coffee in informal cafe
Beautiful smiling woman reaches into supermarket fridge
Happy smiling man in supermarket with orange juice
Pretty woman deciding on sweet treat in bakery
Price shock: couple at  supermarket shelves look horrified
Affectionate good-looking couple enjoying coffee at informal caf
Good looking couple relaxed and laughing in bakery cafe
Romantic moment as man buys partner flowers
Good-looking couple smile as they choose produce in supermarket
Laughing affectionate couple having fun in supermarket
Handsome man smiling in casual cafe at bakery
Pretty woman smiles next to ice-cream fridge in supermarket
An apple a day: lovely woman choosing fruit in supermarket
Couple in supermarket considering orange juice purchase
looking up toward handsome smiling man at cafe table
Handsome couple in cafe gaze at each other lovingly
Pretty woman is helped to choose confectionery by handsome baker
Man bored by shopping in supermarket looks fed up
Young woman is sorely tempted by display of baked goods
Good-looking smiling couple shop in supermarket
Handsome young couple enjoying shopping in supermarket
Good-looking smiling couple shopping in supermarket
Attractive affectionate couple selecting produce in supermarket
Pretty woman checks shopping list in supermarket smiling
Pretty smiling young woman chooses apple in supermarket
Hand selects green apple from basket in market
Smiling young baker shows confectionery to pretty woman
Smiling couple choosing products in fridge at sueprmarket
Handsome young couple look round smiling from supermarket bakery
Smiling young baker shows customer some tempting confectionery
Beautiful smiling woman making her selection in supermarket bake
Beautiful woman smiles and sniffs bouquet of yellow roses
Handsome man at supermarket cafe table smiles gently
Good-looking affectionate couple gazing at each other in cafe
Smiling affectionate couple buying eggs in supermarket
Beautiful smiling young woman with coffee in cafe
Good-looking couple in supermarket cafe look round smiling
Laughing handsome couple buying eggs by sign in supermarket
Beautiful smiling young woman drinking coffee in cafe
Smiling affectionate couple buying orange juice in supermarket
Smiling affectionate couple shopping in supermarket
Pretty woman in store bakery smiles down at shopping list
Happy laughing couple shopping in supermarket
Handsome man smilingly selecting sweet treat in bakery
Pretty woman buying vegetables in supermarket smiles
Pretty woman drinking coffee in cafe smiles flirtatiously
Beautiful woman smiles over shoulder in cafe
Handsome smiling man drinks coffee at informal cafe
Lovely smiling young woman sitting in bakery cafe with coffee
Cant resist temptation: happy young couple admire confectionery
Handsome man smiles at partner in bakery cafe
Juicy apples in basket at market await hungry customers
Pretty golden-skinned woman smiles over her shoulder at camera
Looking up towards handsome smiling couple at cafe table
Beautiful smiling young woman in cafe enjoying coffee
Beautiful young woman looks up smiling from bouquet of roses
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