Lightbox: RE-2012-005: expressions on black

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Pretty blonde wearing red laughs in excited delight
Don't you dare break my heart!
Pretty blonde with eyes squeezed shut in agony or ectasy
Furious young blonde grimacing, hands to her head
Breaking point: pretty woman in red has clearly had enough!
Beautiful laughing blonde against black background
Pretty blonde is happily surprised, wide eyed and gasping
Dollars rain down on pretty blonde who smiles ecstatically
Lady in red: portrait of beautiful blonde against black
Female hands offering a red velvet Valentine heart
Agony or ecstasy: Young blonde grimaces, hands to head
Beautiful blonde wearing red smiles confidently with folded arms
Pretty blonde in red laughs against black background
Delighted young blonde woman gets a wonderful surprise
Suspicious blonde in red dress considers something seriously
Delighted blonde gets very good news!
Beautiful blonde in red gets lovely surprise!
Laughing blonde beauty holds up hands in surprised delight
Delighted young blonde beauty in red against black background
Smiling blonde beauty offers her heart
Delighted blonde beauty gets wonderful surprise
Blonde wearing red  holds head and yells, eyes squeezed shut
Cute blonde symbolically offers her heart
Pretty woman smiles at anatomical model of human brain
Pretty blonde in orange looks thoughtful
Portrait of pretty, freckled blonde smiling gently
Beautiful blonde in red gets a wonderful surprise
Sad blonde woman holding up red velvet heart
Pretty woman wearing red smiles to side
Sexy blonde with red Valentine heart smiles seductively
Pretty, smiling blonde offers her heart
Cute, flirtatious, smiling blonde with red velvet heart
Pretty woman wearing red yells in anger or pain
I give you my heart: pretty blonde offers valentine token
Angrily yelling blonde has had enough
Beautiful blonde holds red velvet heart: romance in the air
Furiously angry blonde in red leans forward, raging
Angry young woman glares at velvet heart: relationship problems!
Portrait of pretty young blonde woman smiling against black
Pretty blonde woman looking thoughtful, her head on one side
Sexy blonde with red Valentine heart smiles seductively
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