Lightbox: RE-2012-003: man isolated on white

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Splitting headache! Agonised young man clutching his head and gr
Looking up at laughing young executive in formal waistcoat
Smiling young executive in spectacles and colorful tie
Portrait of handsome serious young man in shirt and waistcoat
Cute young businessman shows off his South African flag tie
Shocked young man, hand to mouth, looks over shoulder
Young black businessman isolated on white gives a beaming smile
Handsome young dimpled executive smiles and winks cheekily
Furious young man threatens with clenched fist
Smiling, dimpled young executive in formal wear and spectacles
Cute, dimpled young man thinks things over
Cute dimpled young man smiles happily
Shocked young man gasps open mouthed
Hmmmm, thoughtful young businessman scratches his head
Serious young man with arms folded looks challenging
Shocked young man gasps, hand to his head, looking sideways
Happy young executive gives beaming smile
Cute young businessman in glasses and South African tie smiles
Happy young man folds arms and smiles broadly
Handsome young formally-dressed man smiles, adjusting his cuffs
Happy young man dressed formally laughs, showing his dimples
Laughing young man shows off his South African flag tie
Unhappy, frowning young man, hand on his chin
Cute dimpled young man considers his options
Extreme pain or utter frustration has young man grimacing
Charming young man in South African flag tie smiles happily
Dimpled young man smilingly shows off his colorful tie
Smiling, confident  young African-American businessman
Smiling young man showing off his formal tailored outfit
Cute young man bites finger, thinking things over
Scratching his head, a smiling young man thinks things over
Happy young man looks to side, laughing cheerfully
Horrified young executive sees something shocking
Shocked young businessman gasps, wide eyed,  hands to his head
Angry frustrated young man grimaces and claws his face
Shocked young businessman grimaces nervously, hand to his head
Confidently smiling young executive in South-African-flag design
Eager young African-American executive smiles confidently
Young executive looking very nervous, clutching head
Holding his head, young businessman yells in pain or terror
Attractive young businessman with cheeky grin looks keen
Terrified young man flinching in shock, wide eyed and gasping
Angry, frustrated young man clutches his head
Handsome young business executive smiles confidently
Angry young businessman punches his own head in complete frustra
Serious young man looks to side thoughtfully
Bespectacled young executive shows off his South African design
Wide-eyed young businessman looks extremely nervous
Young executive looks down, adjusting his cuffs and smiling gent
Overjoyed young businessman holds up hands and laughs
Happy young businessman wearing South African flag tie
Handsome young businessman looks to side, concerned
Happy young businessman wearing South African flag design tie
Wide-eyed young man, hands to head, looks alarmed
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