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Lightbox: Laboratory Images (86)

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Researcher at the laboratory
Technician at a laboratory surrounded by lab tools
Chemical drop at a laboratoy falling inside the test tubes
Researchers at work in the lab
Scientist analyzing chemical solution at the lab
Scientific research
Scientist at a pharmaceutical laboratory
Laboraory microtiter plate with a multi-channel pipette
Male researcher at the lab
Pharmaceutical lab technicians
Researchers at a pharmaceutical laboratory
Group of young scientists
Researcher looking to improve medications
Chemist at work
Science researchers looking into their microscopes at the labora
Hospital Lab
Researcher silhouette at the lab
Researcher looking into a volumetric flask at the laboratory
Research in a medical lab
Pharmaceutical laboratory researchers working on a new medicatio
Researcher at a healthcare laboratory
Female researcher at a pharmaceutical laboratory
Science lab tools
Research team at a pharmaceutical laboratory
Chemist at his work station in a pharmaceutical lab
Science researcher working in the laboratory
Colorful lab tubes
Male researcher at the laboratory
Student at the laboratory working with chemicals
At work
Female chemist working in a medical lab looking at camera
Chemist working in a medical lab
Researcher working at the lab
Male researcher looking into a microscope
Researching at the laboratory
Scientists working at the laboratory
Test tubes and a dropper
Studying vaccines into a microscope
Scientist working in a research laboratory
Focus on science research at the laboratory
Chemist at work in a research lab
Chemist student
Chemist at a pharmaceutical factory
Chemist looking through a microscope
Researcher at the lab
Looking into a microscope while working in the pharmaceutical la
Researchers at the laboratory
Sciens researcher holding a volumetric flask at the laboratory
Researcher holding and injecting chemicals into a microtiter pla
Scientist at work
Researcher doing analysis of chemical
Chemicals being mixed for an experiment in a laboratory
Test tubes
Science researcher
Scientists working at a pharmaceutical laboratory
Researcher working
Happy chemist
Medical and clinical laboratory technicians
Clinical laboratory science
Graded test tubes at the lab
Researcher looking into a microscope at the laboratory
Chemist working in a laboratory
Researcher working at the laboratory
Female chemist working in a medical lab
Lab technician working volumetric flask and a dropper
Silhouette of a lab station
Chemists student being supervised by his professor
Pharmaceutical lab
Researcher working at a pharmaceutical sciences facility
Silhouette of a scientist working on creating new medications
Researches keeping busy at a pharmaceutical lab
Science tools
Researcher developing drugs for the pharmaceutical industry
Researcher silhouette working  at a medical laboratory
Behind the microscope at a pharmaceutical lab
Researcher at a pharmaceutical laboratory
Researcher sitting behind his microscope
Two scientist working in a research laboratory
Working in a pharmaceutical lab
Worker at a pharmaceutical lab
Working station at a research laboratory
Researcher with petri dish at the lab
Researcher and his drop of chemical
Researcher portrait
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