Lightbox: Human Body

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Woman casually walking - Side profile
Figure Standing - Front, Side and Rear View (linework)
Figure Walking - semi rear view
Networked mind
Hands outstretched - Front X-ray View
Digital thinking  - high profile view
Binary concentration
Numeric thought
Binary Thought
Human Figure - front profile view
Thought gears
Digital thought - right profile view
Thinking Mind
Gears of the Mind
Thinking Numbers
Deep thought
Multi-ideas on the brain
Networked thinking
Numeric thinking
Questions Asked
Mind Networking
Numeric thinking
Networked thinking
Question mark
Geared up thinking
Binary thinking
Network mind connection
Thinking Gears
Networked/linked way of thinking- side profile view
Human Figure - rear profile view
Digital thinking Adult - side profile view
Binary thinking - rear profile view
Binary thinking - low profile view
Person thinking  - high profile view
Figure Standing - Front, Side and Rear View (Dot-grid pattern)
Foot detail - Side view
Woman casually walking - left quarter view
Fast Sprint - front on view
Sprint Start Running - Side view
Figure Standing - Front View (Dot grid)
Figure Standing - Rear View (Dot grid)
Figure Standing - Side View (Dot grid)
Head - Stylised Semi Front View
Figure walking - Side view
Figure Walking - Front on View
Front Side View Figure Pose - Stylised X-ray
Figure walking - Semi front view
Head - Stylised Semi Rear View
Running -
Skull and Cross Bones - version three
Adult Running - Dynamic Birds-eye View
Skull and Cross Bones - version one
Skull and Cross Bones - version two
Male Stretch low-up view
Male running - 3 quarter front view
Male Running - Front on view
Running - Dynamic
Hand - X-ray Front View
Human Skull - Side View
Skull - Front View
Abdomen - Stylized Rear 3 quarter X-ray view
Front Figure Pose - Stylized X-ray view
Back Skeletal XRay scan
Stylized Skull XRay View
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