Lightbox: Metaphors

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team supporting progress
crystal ball
manager on the shelf
businesswoman with piece of jigsaw
businessman crossing a line
burden of house
writer’s block
magic carpet
happy smartphone
happy envelope
the world won't listen
businessman over the moon
the world addressed by businessman
squeezed businessman
businessman under a cloud
raising the cash
money down the drain
painted into corner
too much paperwork.
mental notes
all hands to the wheel
money laundering
lippy porker
Carrot on Stick
flying letters
this way
happy telephone
fresh direction
handsome devil
unattainable target
time management - beat the clock
calculating devil
under the table deal
quarrelling writers
running on empty
need to move house
cherry picking
very clever donkey
pot calling kettle black
head in the clouds
think out of the box
jump the shark
sweeping numbers under the carpet
devil with contract
baby talk
marital thunderstorm
fear of the cuts
bubble market
world domination
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