Lightbox: Animals of Africa

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Adult camel lying on the ground
Egret stands next to the seagulls
Seagull drags a piece of fish
Two turtle cross the road
Herd goat standing on a tree
Two donkeys stand on the grass against sky
Flock of sheep standing on grass
Sheep graze on the meadow
Black goat standing on a tree
Black goat standing on top of a tree
Goat standing on a branch
Lonely goat standing on a branch
Goat eating leaves
Giraffes head close-up
Adult elephant standing on the grass
Lone hyena goes to a herd of antelope
Herd of antelope and hyena
Young antelope eating bush
Family antelope bite themselves
Three antelope standing on the grass
Elephant stands on the grass
Hippo with her baby asleep in the water
Crocodile with open mouth lies on the shore
Group of zebras drinking water
Skeleton wildebeest lies on the ground
Adult antelope stands on the ground
Lone antelope standing on the road
Lion close-up stands next to car
Adult lion with a scar
Giraffe hides behind a dry tree
The group  antelopes stands on background of wood
The head of a lion with scars close-up
Two adult lions flow along grass
Group antelope stands under rain
Adult antelope stands next with her baby
Little lamb drinking from a stream
Group of monkeys sitting in a tree
Mother antelope with two children
Horned antelope stands on the grass
Lone antelope walking on meadow
Large hippo standing in water
Herd of antelope is near the grass
Adult antelope standing in profile
African Jackal stands on the ground
Close-up of a male antelope
Antelope with a broken horn
Laughing woman looks at a monkey
Two zebras stand in background of the canyon
Zebra standing under a tree in the shade
Wet african buffalo close-up
African starling sits on a pipe
Single Marabou going the building
Marabou with a branch walking on the roof
Young zebra standing next to his mother
Adult rhinoceros walking on the savannah
Adult giraffe eating leaves on a tree
Group of monkeys sitting in the grass
Antelope eat the grass on a background of monkeys
African mammals during meal
Young antelope standing on the grass
Small duiker close-up on
Young buffalo close up
Three antelope head close-up
Adult rhino eating grass
Large rhino with a bird
Rhino head reported bet up
Two young baboons playing
The adult buffalo sit four birds
Adult antelope standing on the grass
Adult lion jumping from a tree
Two monkeys sitting on a fallen tree
Family of baboons sitting on the ground
Two zebras eating grass
Adult angry lion close-up
The Lonely antelope is worth about a dry tree
Adult antelope is one
Adult antelope is turning his head
Small antelope startled looks
Small antelope with fluffy fur
Four giraffes are following each other
Adult hippo standing in water
Lion goes to meet
Panoramma canyon with three zebras
Group of watusi bulls is grazing
Ankole Watusi bull is grazing
Colobus monkey with a maracuya
Giraffes head close-up
Leopard in the grass
Adult lioness looks askance
Baby zebra hides behind his mother
Baby zebra
Baby zebra standing next to his mother
Two baby impala on the grass
Adult Impala is kissing baby
Adult angry lion
Elephant stands on the grass with zebras
Adult elephant standing on the grass
Baby elephant walking on the savannah
Two adult zebra close-up
Two adult gnu close-up
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