Lightbox: Seagulls and other seabirds

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Seagull against the blue sky
Canada geese with young ones
Seagull against a blue sky with fluffy clouds. Copy space.
Sailing boat with seagull in Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden
Seagull. Outdoor cafe' with uninvited guest.
Urban gulls
Seagulls in the sky
Urban gull
Seagull. Outdoor cafe' with uninvited guest.
Mallard ducks on the ice
Portrait of a herring gull.
Urban male mallard duck
Mallard ducks
Mallard duckling
Seagull with reflection
Mallard duck with ducklings
Mallard ducks on the ice.
Mallard duck and seagull
Seagull ready to take off.
Landing seagull.
Three swans
Greedy seagulls
Urban female mallard duck
Blackheaded gull with distinct shadow and reflexion in the water
Mallard ducks in the snow
Stockholm Royal castle
Seabirds on iceflakes.
Seagull in Stockholm Arhipelago with island and house.
Seagull against a blue sky with fluffy clouds. Copy space.
Hungry seagulls in Stockholm Archipelago.
Modern part of Stockholm Sweden in the winter with seagulls.
Female merganser (Goosanders) in sea close to the ice
Urban gulls. Copy space.
Old cleat and young seagulls on paved quay..
Seagulls looking out over Stockholm from a moderna lamp post.
Barnacle goose with goslings
Canada geese and red buoys.
Canada geese
Young seagull ready for take off.
Juvenile herring gulls.
Coot and mallard duck on ice.
Swans and mallard ducks in the ice.
Gulls and coots fighting for food.
Swans and mallard ducks.
Two mallard ducs in the spring.
Seagull ready for take off.
Young swan and mallard ducks.
Young seagull in flight
Fighting young seagulls.
Young seagull over the sea.
Urban gulls
Swans with cold feet
Big colony of common merganser.
Attacking Barnacle Goose
Sea birds in central Stockholm
Seagulls over Stockholm waters.
Stockholm southern part
Young ringed swan
Seagulls in flight
Young seagull on the quay.
Seagull landing in the sea
Laughing gull
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