Lightbox: Life on the Coast

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Transport Trailer
Bottom of the Pier
Guarding the Beach
Aspotagan Village
Atlantic Lobster Trio
Dory on the Shore
Fish Farm Pens
Lobster at the Lighthouse
Moonlit Crustacean
Sunlit Spray
Fishing Village Kitty
Granite Balance
South Shore Wharf
Overgrown Wharf
Fishing Buckets
Moored on the Ocean Floor
Sambro Island Lighthouse
Sambro Island Mackerel
Clad in Green
Fundy Fishing Village
Low Tide Landscape
Streaming Island Sunlight
Boat in Tow
Low Tide in Halls Harbour
Starlit Panorama
Boat in Tow
Sitting on the Seabed
Panoramic Dawn
Summer Skies at the Lighthouse
Sambro Island Gas House
Headed out to Sea
Hauling in the Hand Line
Mackerel Boat
Forgotten on the Island
Lighthouse in the Distance
Sambro Island Lighthouse
Hand Lining for Mackerel
Lighthouse Reflection
Hand Lining for Mackerel
Fresh Mackerel
Hand Lining for Mackerel
Nova Scotian Fishing Village
Mackerel Catch
Fishing the Dawn
Mackerel Fishing
Fresh from the Sea
Mackerel Catch
Moored at the Lighthouse
Sambro Island Lighthouse
Resting in the Arch
Illuminate the Coast
Backlit Lifeguard Chair
Rainbow Boardwalk
View from the Lighthouse
Silhouetted Perch
Lifeguard of the Darkness
Light of the Beachball
Lifeguard's Foggy Perch
Fishing Village Wharf
Aspotogan Wharf
Aspotogan Fishing Village
Dory Symmetry
Dories by the Pier
Lobster Trap Colours
Container Pier by Night
Minas Basin Wharf
Stacked on the Wharf
Lobster Traps on Wharf
Ferry at Dusk
Sunlit Surf
Sandstone Landscape
Wharf Reflection
Outshining the Lighthouse
Stacked Lobster Traps
Silhouetted Lighthouse
The Light Within
Hulk of the Sea
Navy Ship in Harbour
Navy Ship in Halifax
Ship in the Harbour
Tugboat Leaving Wharf
Toney River Wharves
Toney River
Wharf Lined with Boats
Cape Islander Fishing Boat
Fishing Boat
Light of the Sea
Drying the Firewood
The Scallop Fleet
Wharf Panoramic
Tied to the Wharf
High and Dry
Coming Home to the Cove
Colourful Fishing Village
Nearing the Wharf
Peggy's Cove Wharf
Terence Bay Fishing
Valley Panoramic
Firefighting Boat
Washed Ashore
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