Lightbox: home grown produce (61)

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man digging compost into veg garden
two ripe peaches on tree
cucumber pickle held beside growing vegetable
home-made cucumber pickle
woman with basket of fruit on arm
cherry tomatoes in a roasting tray
green tomato chutney
green tomato chutney
red and green lettuce in formal garden
Orange and blossom on tree
apple chutney
beetroot preserve
apple chutney
green tomato chutney
Potato  plants in growbags on terrace
hands above aubergines
beetroot growing
Peaches ripe on tree
beetroot preserve
Hand holding ripe pear on tree
water sprinkler in garden
Ripe pear on tree
home-made cucumber pickle
Hand picking ripe peaches from tree
beef tomato in man's hand
strawberries for sale in street market, Provence
man and child picking apples
baby figs growing in spring
two hands holding growing organic tomato
apple chutney
apricots on market stall, Provence, France
basket of summer fruit in garden
hand picking dwarf French beans
two hands hold organic growing melon
Gardener holding summer produce
woman picking pears
man rotivating vegetable plot
pear blossom on espalier pruned tree
Woman enjoying peach in orchard
hand picking organic cherry tomatoes
baby figs growing in spring
harvest basket of fruit and vegetables
apple trees in bloom
Basket of summer fruit in garden
Oranges and blossom on tree
man turning compost over
hand holding growing organic eggplant
Woman eating peach
man rotivating vergetable garden
woman with basket of summer fruit and veg
basket of summer fruit
Stuffed and fresh vine leaves
baby grapes on the vine
freshly dug organic baby carrots
Redcurrant jelly
Redcurrant jelly
Hand picking redcurrants
water sprinkler in garden,
beanpoles crossed in garden with poppies at foot
hand holding freshly dug organic baby carrots
hand holding organic baby carrots
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