Lightbox: Philippines

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Rice harvest
Perfect volcano
Ducks crossing
Village shop, Philippines
Mayon volcano and Cagsawa ruins
Volcano and rice field
Motorcycle taxi
Perfect volcano and rice paddy
Church ruins and volcano
Shanty town
Armoured truck
Shanty town
Village bus stop
Dried fish - anchovies
Rice seedlings
Small rice farm
Ferry with outriggers
Small fishing boat
Rambutan fruit stall
Bamboo scaffolding
Unloading cargo ship
Rice paddy
Rice seedlings
Mayon Volcano, Philippines
Rice paddy
Religious imagery
Dried fish
Cathedral - Naga City, Philippines
Volcano and ruined tower
Philippines village shop
Water buffalo - Bubalus bubalis
Motorcycle repair shop
Painted chicks
South-East Asian village
Overloaded motorcycle sidecar
Lava flow
Painted chicks for sale
Spanish royal coat of arms
Pancit - noodles
Painted chicks
Path through rice paddy
Cathedral - Naga City, Philippines
Banana plant leaf
Cathedral - Naga City, Philippines
Small island ferry
Abandoned offices
Island ferry
Ripe rice plants
Catholic church
High-rise thatched homes
Rice paddy
Cathedral - Naga City, Philippines
Asian village
Pretty oriental woman modelling cashmere top
Volcano aftermath
Volcanic destruction
Ducks in rice paddy
End of the line
Mudslides and volcanic ash
Ruined church tower, Cagsawa
Catholic church interior
Devotional candles
Cathedral - Naga City, Philippines
Old ruined bell tower
Old bell tower
Dried fish - moonfish
Dried fish - anchovies
Asian hardware store
Flooded sports field
Seedlings in rice paddy
Flood evacuation centre
Cockfight arena
Rice growing
Papaya plantation
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