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Oil Spill: Environmental Disaster
Oil Spill: Heart Breaking
Weathergirl Smiles at Clearing Weather
Oil Spill: Tragic
Person Shoveling a Path
Oil Spill: Beach Clean-up
Septic Pump Truck
Coastal Weather Reporter Braving the Wind
Snow Shoveler
Reporter Comments on Deserted Off-Season Beach
Frustrated Over School Work
Beachside Reporter Awaits Cue from Anchor
Oil Spill: Gloved Hand Collects Crude from Beach
Attaching Jumper Cables (Isolated)
Hands of the Repair Man
Attractive Beach Reporter on Location
Frustrated Student
Troubleshooting Car Breakdown
Ornithologist Watching Bird with Binoculars
Doing School Work in the Library
Beach News Reporter on the Scene
Oil Spill: A Situation Beyond Control
Proud Poinsettia Grower
News Reporter Comments on Empty Beach
Asphalt Spreader in Action, Side Abstract
Reporting Live: The Channel X Weather Girl
Plant Caregiver Woman
Garden Digging Person
Generator Technician
Dumptruck with Loam Pile
Female Archaeologist Hard at Work
Laundress Adding Dryer Sheets
Female Archaeologist on a Dig
Young Woman on Phone Fixing Car
Girl with Car Trouble Calling for Service
Steam Roller, Selective Focus Abstract
Weathergirl with Umbrella Being Blown Away
Greenhouse Working Woman
Reporter on Stormy Beach with Concerned Look
Testing Starter Connections
Inclement Weather Traffic Reporter at Work
Lunatic Haristylist Trimming the Bangs
Domestic Duty: Doing the Dishes, Xpro
Rules-Breaking Sylist with Frightened Customer
Past-Due Bills Making Business Crazy (Collection Notice Backgrou
Fine Balance of Business, Skewed (Xpro)
Oil Spill: Endless Summer of Clean-up
Haircut at Home
Scary Salon Stylist and Fearful Customer
Storm Reporter Woman Holding Earpiece
Surfboard Waxing Woman Smiles at Camera
Pesticide Use on Lawn Kills Song Bird
Teen Shoveling Snow
Pretty Woman at the Laundry-Folding Table
Lazy Excavator Operator
Young Couple Having Fun Doing Dishes
NH State Policeman Searches Motor Vehicle During Traffic Stop
Female Reporter on Highway Overpass
Text Crazy Salon Scene
Texting Mania at the Hairdresser's
Bridge Under Construction
Young Couple Working Together
Pointing Weathergirl Reports on the Rain
House Wren Feeding Nest Full of Young
TV Reporter on Beach During Inclement Weather
Oil Spill: Like Toxic Molasses
Serious Hair Treatment
Nurse with Medication Dose
Woman Driver on Phone with Mechanic
On-Scene Weather Reporter Laughs at Anchor's Comment
Ornithologist Looking Through Binoculars
Nurse with Medication, Selective Focus
Coastal Weather Reporter Gestures Towards Surf
Bad Hair Day at the Hairdresser's
Hard-Working Student
Beachside Weathergirl Pointing to Approaching Storm
Pretty Ornithologist Hard at Work
Weathergirl on Location
Pretty News Reporter with Surprised Look
Grower Focuses on Plant
Shocked Hairdresser: Very Bad Hair Day
Work Boots, Gloves, and Cap
Breakdown Victim Gets Help by Cell Phone
Residential Pesticide Use Claims Another Victim
Beautiful Ornithologist Using Binoculars
Young Couple Doing the Dishes Together
Bird Poisoned by Lawn Herbicide
Classic Bird Watcher
Attractive Weathergirl Reporting Beachside
Happy Weather Reporter Standing on Beach
Attractive In-The-Streets Reporter
Reporter Gestures to Boarded Up Business (Copyspace)
Cute Weather Reporter Covers Head with Newspaper
Cute Reporter Struggles with Umbrella
Young Woman Unloading a Laundromat Dryer
Breakdown Woman on Phone with Mechanic
Work Boots and Gloves
Break Time
Businessperson Worries Over Mounting Debt
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