Lightbox: Microscopy Video and Images (129)

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Blood Thickening 600x (HD)
Human Blood 600x (HD)
Clogged Artery Animation (HD)
Microscope Adjustment Close-Up (HD)
Ants Eating Mosquito (Macro Lapse)
Clogged Artery Animation (NTSC, PAL)
Fertility Clinic Sperm Sample 400x
Mosquito and Larva seen from the side (HD)
Blood Stream thru Microscope 1000x
Clogged Artery (3D)
Gut Bacteria (3D)
Red Blood Cells 1000x Magnification
Blood Clotting Wide View 100x (HD 24p)
Fertility Clinic Sample 400x
Free Molecules (Loop HD)
Preparing Microscope Slide (HD)
Cockroach Sprayed (HD)
Red Blood Cells 600x (NTSC)
Oxygenated Red Blood Cells (NTSC)
Microscope Slide 200x Pine Wood
Vaccine Container
Blood Capillaries Seen at 600x
Atomic Wires
Blood Microscope Slide 400x Magnification.
Decomposing Flesh on Microscope 800x (HD)
Rotating DNA Strand (Flash)
Aedes Dengue Mosquito and Larvae
Subatomic Particles Loop Background (HD)
Blood Plasma Torrent Cells
Damaged Blood Cells on Microscope
Human Blood Cells Race Across
Blood Sample With Burr Cells
RGB Macro at Symbol
Soil Bacteria Under Microscope
Red Blood Cells and Platelets
Crane Fly Macro
Swimming Protozoans Closer (HD)
Bacteria Colony Sample (HD)
DNA Strands
Plasma Blood Human Sample 400x
Human Blood Cells with Tissue
Soil Bacteria Microscope View
Plasma Blood Human Sample
Blood 1000x Magnification (NTSC, PAL)
Algae Microscope View (HD)
Common Algae On Microscope (NTSC)
Microscopic Algae Sample 400x (HD)
Blood Sample Channel (HD)
Swimming Protozoan (HD)
Side Microscope Slide 200x Pine Wood
Assorted Bacteria 600x (NTSC)
Water Algae Lab Sample 400x (HD)
Placing Slide On Microscope (HD)
Female Scientist On Microscope (HD)
Antibodies on Blood Sample (HD)
Fumigated Roach (HD)
Mosquito Larva  Getting Sample (HD)
Rotating Microscope Objectives (HD)
Blood Cells Circulation (NTSC)
H1N1 type A Flu Virus  (3D)
Molecule Grid (3D)
Sperm Sample 1000x Magnification
Microscope Slide Placement Close-Up (HD)
Blood Clot Forming (PAL)
Water Algae 400x View (HD)
Blood Platelets 400x (HD)
Sperm View Phase Contrast (HD)
Blood Sample 400x Microscope View (PAL)
Ants Eating Gelatin (Timelapse NTSC)
Dead Tropical Mosquito
Atom Scafolding
Human Blood Sample (HD)
Lab Scene Shallow Focus Landscape
Mosquito Larva Close Up (HD)
Mosquito Larva Moving Macro (HD)
TV Screen Close Up
Long DNA Strand
Doctor Looking at Microscope (HD)
Mosquito Larva in Petri Dish (NTSC)
Iris Mechanism Open Close (HD)
Sperm Sample Oil immersion 1000x
Blood Torrent Microscope View
Techno Neuron Background 3D
Petri Dish Display (HD)
Blood Cell Channel 100x (HD 24p)
Mosquito Larva Slow Pan Left Macro (HD)
Mosquito and Larva in Liquid (HD)
Dentist Surgeon Using Microscope (HD)
Maggots Eating on Rotten Meat
Mosquito Larva and Pupa Close Up (HD)
Human Bloodstream (HD)
Doctor Using Microscope 3D Set (HD)
Blood Sample 250x Microscope View (PAL)
Blood Platelets Magnified 400x (HD 24p)
Artery Clot with Platelets Animation (HD)
Bacterial Colony Magnified (HD)
Insect Tissue Sample (HD)
Bacteria Sample (HD)
Microscope Use Sequence (HD)
Microscope Side View Close-Up
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