Lightbox: Vintage 8mm Film Clips (videos) (499)

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Travelling Down River In Bangkok-1958 Vintage 8mm film
Bangkok River Scenes In Thailand-1958 Vintage 8mm film
Bangkok Canal Boat Tour In Thailand-1958 Vintage 8mm film
Girl Sledding With Her Family (1942 Vintage 8mm)
Fun In The Swimming Pool (1974 Vintage 8mm film)
1970s North America: Small Town People, Cars (8mm film camera)
Christmas Turkey (1958 Vintage 8mm film)
Old Blank Film
Couple Leaving On Their Honeymoon (1960 Vintage 8mm film)
Bride And Groom On Wedding Day (1960 Vintage 8mm)
Ski jumpers in 1951.
Putting Presents Under Christmas Tree (1978 Vintage 8mm film)
Christmas Turkey (1958 Vintage 8mm film)
1970s Girl Playfully Posing to Camera (Shot on 8mm Film)
Old Military Cargo Aircraft Takes Off-1958 Vintage 8mm film
Bride And Groom First Dance (1960 Vintage 8mm film)
Fun At The Beach (1969 - Vintage 8mm film)
Kibbutz Life 1962
Girl Tap Dancing In Pink Dress (1958 Vintage 8mm film)
Family In Front Yard (1968 Vintage 8mm film)
Little Boy Jumps To His Dad (1963 - Vintage 8mm)
Kids Riding Bikes (1970 Vintage 8mm film)
8mm Film Projector Starting Up
Proud Parents Holding Baby Outdoors (1963 - Vintage 8mm film)
Boy Rides Tractor Outside (1964 - Vintage 8mm film)
Brothers Playing At Christmas (1965 - Vintage 8mm film)
Little Boy Learns To Walk (1963 - Vintage 8mm film)
Kids At The Beach (1969 Vintage 8mm film)
8mm film projector
Little Boy Blows Out Candles (1964-vintage 8mm film)
Parade in B&W
Old Cars Backing Out Of Driveway (1960 Vintage 8mm footage)
Biplane on sea and air.
Ballet Dancer (Vintage 8mm film footage from 1958)
Skating Outdoors in 1960 (Vintage 8mm film footage)
Little Boy Plays With His Grandma 1963 (Vintage 8mm film)
Making Faces (1974 - Vintage 8mm film footage)
Old 8mm Film Static Footage
Tap Dancer In 1958 (Vintage 8mm film footage)
Boy Plays With Garden Hose 1963 (Vintage 8mm film footage)
Cool Ending Title Card-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Big White Farm House In Winter-1964 Vintage 8mm film
Florida Ocean Beach And Hotel-1961 Vintage 8mm film
Woman Water Skiing On Lake-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Smooth Ending To Water Skiing On Lake-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Teenage Girl Water Skiing On The Lake-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Man Water Skiing On Lake-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Swan Guarding Her Young On The Beach-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Girl Crashes While Waterskiing-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Happy Dog Wants To Play-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Beautiful Swans On The Beach-1962 Vintage 8mm film
Rush Hour Traffic And New Interstate Highway-1940 Vintage 8mm fi
Water Skiers Perform Pyramid Stunt-1961 Vintage 8mm film
Winter Time In Suburbia-1961 Vintage 8mm film
Visiting Seattle Washington On Driving Trip-1940 Vintage 8mm fil
Maid Of The Mist Niagara Falls-1940 Vintage 8mm film
8mm Film projector
Leaving Eureka California Entering Oregon-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Fishing Boat Off The Coast Of Alaska-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Ski jumpers in 1951.
Packing Suitcase For Alaskan Cruise-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Fresh Catch Of Fish-1961 Vintage 8mm film
Florida Sunset From Moving Car-1961 Vintage 8mm film
Fresh Catch Of Alaskan Halibut-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Christmas Cards On The Wall-1961 Vintage 8mm film
8mm Film projector
Cars Driving Through Redwood Forest-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Beautiful Multnomah Falls In Oregon-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Old Fashioned Videographer
Biplain, in the air.
Old Media
People Tobogganing In Winter-1961 Vintage 8mm film
Pretty Clouds On A Summer Day-1961 Vintage 8mm film
Old Ontario Highway Signs-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Mount Rushmore Being Built-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Beautiful Sunset On The Family Farm-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Majestic Niagara Falls-1940 Vintage 8mm film
building Atlantic City
Farmers Harvesting Fields With Tractors-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Cute Boy Playing With His Grandmother Outside-1963 Vintage 8mm f
Statue Of Liberty New York Skyline-1940 Vintage 8mm
New York Skyline From Tour Boat-1940 Vintage 8mm
Cars On Highway in New York -1940 Vintage 8mm
United States Capitol Building Washington DC-1940 Vintage 8mm fi
New State Of The Art Car Parkade-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Aerial View White House Washington Capitol Building-1940 Vintage
Old Cars Driving Down The Highway-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Old Union Jack Flag Flying Proudly-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Super 8 Reel start
Driving Through The Virginia Countryside-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Driving Through The Blue Ridge Mountains-1940 Vintage 8mm film
City Of Pittsburg Pennsylvania-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Old Paddlewheel Barge In Ohio-1940 Vintage 8mm film
People Entering A Beautiful Little Chapel-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Farmers Golden Wheat Field In The Fall-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Crazy Antique Weathervane-1940 Vintage 8mm film
Teenage Girl Prepares For Christian Confirmation-1958 Vintage 8m
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