Lightbox: Giselle (66)

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Female Doctor with Administrators
Doctor with Hospital Staff
Doctor's Office Team
Don't Want to Hear It
Young Doctor Consulting with Patient
Upset Young Woman
High Five Doctor and Patient
Hospital Administrator and Female Doctor
Casual Businesswoman
Hold On, STOP!
Female Architect with Associates
Doctor and Administrator Shaking Hands
Doctor Giving Instructions
Senior Male Doctor with Administrators
Confident Businesswoman
Female Doctor Shaking Hands #2
Happy Architect Team
Concerned Woman on Phone
Thumbs up Female Doctor
Female Doctor Shaking Patient's Hand
Businesswoman with arms crossed making a face
Contemplating Woman
Impatient Businesswoman
Business Team Figuring it out
Smiling Female Doctor
Happy Young Woman
Doctor and Administrator Shaking Hands #2
Right on
Health with Wine
Architectural Team Reviewing Plans
Portrait of Female Doctor
Hispanic female businesswoman
Female Doctor Taking Notes
Business Woman Holding Blueprints
Smart Businesswoman
Young Woman Toasting
Conducting Business
Smiling Woman Talking on Cellphone
Architectural Team
Businesswoman with hands on hip
Happy Young Businesswoman Holding Laptop
Surprised Business Partners
Grunting Female Doctor
Number One Doctor
Upset Businesswoman Holding Laptop
I Don't Know
Portrait of Female Doctor holding Stethoscope
Attractive Studious Young Woman
Gossiping Woman on Phone
Colleagues Working on Laptop
In Agreement?
Businesswoman Text Messaging
Female doctor
CU Attractive Studious Young Woman
Aggressive Businesswoman
Young Hispanic Businesswoman
Business Woman Holding a Laptop
Businessman and Businesswoman Holding Laptop
Look at that Building
Beautiful Businesswoman Outdoors
Once Second Please
Hey You!
Smiling female doctor
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