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Liliana's Run Past 1 - Panning
Liliana Runs Right to Left - CU Panning
Ursula's Run 4
Ursula's Run 5
Joe's Tennis Serve - Tilt Up
Joe's Tennis Backhand
Liliana's Run Toward and Smile 3 - Panning
Joe's Tennis Backhand - Match Cut
Liliana Runs Past 2
Liliana's Run Left to Right - CU Panning
Nike Run's Left to Right 1
Nabil's Timed Run
Nike Run's Right to Left 2
Rob's Run Right to Left - Multi Perspective
Alex Golf Swing - Multi Perspective
Liliana's Run Toward and Smile 1 -Medium Shot
Pan Runs Past
Liliana's Run and Walk
Joe's Tennis Forehand 4
Alex Golf Drive 1 - Wide Shot
Rob's Run Left to Right - Panning
HD Fishing Long Shot_2 (1080/24P)
Robert's Dunk 2
Marcia's Med Trot Right Left 1080
Nabil's Run - Multi View
Robert's Basketball Montage
Made Put - Short
Robert's One-On-One 2
Alex Golf Swing CU 1 - Tilt Up
Alex Walks with Golf Bag - Tilt Down
Pam Runs Past - Panning
Liliana's Stretch 3 - Wide Shot
Joy's Bike Ride Locked
Liliana's Sit Ups - Close Up
Pam's Hamstring Stretch - Zoom 3
Rob Runs Toward 3
Liliana's Run - Panning
Rob's Pushups - Multi-Perspective
Alex's Golf Swing 2 - Zoom
Alex's Golf Cart - Panning Right to Left
Rob's Pull Ups - Multi Perspective
Robert's Jump Shot Celebration
Alex's Long Put - Wide Shot
Rob Lacrosse Dexterity
Robert's One Hand Dunk 2
Pam Running Toward 2
Nike Stretch 3 - Zoom
Phil Fishing MS 1
Alex's Golf Cart - Panning Right to Left
Pam's Hamstring Stretch - Zoom 2
Joe's Tennis Serve - Low Angle
HD Sunset Kayaks_WS1 (1080/24P)
Missed Put - Short
Ursula's Drink 4
Rob Lacrosse Run In 3 - Tilt Up
Ursula's Drink
Robert's Jump Shot Zoom 7
Pam's Sit Ups Hands Crossed - Zoom
Extreme One-On-One Basketball
Marcia's Freedom
Joy Bicycling Street 3
Marcia's Clockwise Trot
Nike's Run - Right to Left 2
Robert's Jump Shot - LA
Pam Runs Past - Locked
Joy's Timed Ride 2
Robert's CU Dunk One-Hand Jam
Robert's Dunk 1
Nabil Runs Past
Rob Lacrosse Action
Robert's Basketball Jump Shot 3 LA
Marcia's Wide Trot Right Left 1080
Sharon's Military Press 2 - Multi Perspective
Marcia's Trot Left to Right Zoom 1
Pam's Sit Ups - Medium Close Up
Nabil's Run - Slow Motion
Joy Bike Ride 1 LA
Brandon's Game 2
Robert's Basketball MCU Lay Up 2
Phil's Boat Walk 1
Sharon's Bench Press - Zoom
Rob Removes Lacrosse Helmet - Close Up 1
Liliana's Stretch 1 - Wide Shot
Robert's One-Hand Jam - Zoom
Nike's Side Stretch 1
Sharon's Incline Sit Ups 1 - Multi Perspective
Nike's Towel Wipe
Joy Bikes Past 1
Brandon's Challenge
Nike's Jumping Jacks
Joe's Tennis Challenge
Robert's MS Dunk Over Back One-Hand
Robert's MS Dunk One-Hand Jam 1
Pam Running Toward 1 - Panning
Rob's Sprint - Close Up
Robert's Jump Shot Match Cut 2
Nike's Stretch 3
Marcia's Horse - Leading
Marcia's Med Gallop Right Left 1080
Brandon's Game
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