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Sheep grazing in a Welsh field
Planting grass close-up
Radish seed planting
Growing lettuce
Centaurea jacea brown knapweed close-up
Asclepias Incarnata close-up
Shasta daisy with banded hairstreak butterfly
Golden Stone LA Hybrid Lily close-up
Lily stigma and stamen
Paintball LA Hybrid Lily
Bulbils growing on tiger Lily stem
Queen Anne's Lace with tachinid fly
Feverfew blooms
Wild Chicory bloom close-up
Disco Ball Asiatic Lily
Red Asiatic lily close-up vertical
Hyperion Daylily in bloom
Row of growing lettuce
Lettuce seedling growing in the dirt
Achillea millefolium
Coreopsis tinctoria
Bellis perennis bloom
Black-eyed Susan bloom
Red Asiatic lily close-up
Planting seeds from the paper wrap
Sowing seeds
Senior man removing rocks from future garden
Making a rock border
Hand tapping soil over seeds horizontal
Throwing rocks in a bucket
Bucket of rocks
Pushing soil above the seed
Gardener loosening soil for future vegetable patch
Planting seeds
Digging garden trench boundaries
Planning the garden
Senior man loosening the soil
Raking in compost and top soil
Senior man raking top soil
Decorated Simmental Cattle arriving at village
Women multi-ethnic couple enjoying gardening
Horses grazing in Montana
Sheep grazing
Women examining climbing plant
Beautiful Autumn female gardener portrait
Decorated Simmental Cattle Grazing in Alpine Valley
Decorated Swiss Simmental Cow in Pen
Swiss cabin in the mountains
Split barn door under tiled roof
Decorated Simmental Milk Cow with large bell Switzerland
Cows aligned under bells for annual county contest
Aelplerfest decorated Simmental cow parade
Swiss Simmental cow with giant Bell parading
Decorated Simmental Cattle with large Swiss bells
Farmer brooming straw in his old barn
Senior farmer standing in front of field looking up
Senior farmer Watering his Vegetable Patch Spring Sunset
Happy confident senior farmer portrait with grass stalk
Gardening Spade Front and Profile Isolated
Lone Farmer Walks into his misty field sepia toned
Potted Rhubarb shoots isolated
Hand holding a strawberry plant ready to be planted
Isolated weathered pitchfork front and profile views
Female Ranch Employee Leading a Horse
Mature Black Woman Resting on Ranch Fence
The barn dog
Little Girl portrait on tractor with Digital Tablet
Angus cattle feeding on bale of hay vertical
Young Girl with Digital Tablet on Tractor
Reckless bearded farmer smoking around haystack
Young Girl at the wheel of a tractor
Farmer with Straw Hat Hauling Hay
Senior farmer standing in field
Holstein Cows in Wales
Senior man smiles in a field
Huge pile of hay
Senior farmer shows his first strawberries
Vineyard at harvest time
Senior farmer standing with pitchfork
Mature Farmer offering his carrots
Proud senior farmer offers stringbeans
Farmer holding pitchfork looking left
Senior farmer standing in field full length
Two Hens look at each other
Senior farmer with pitchfork
Simmental calf looking up from trough
Proud senior farmer shows off his root vegetables
Canadian farmer at work in vegetable garden
Pastures in the mist
Senior farmer looks at the sky with worry
Serene senior farmer holding apples in orchard
Organic cabbage growth
Apples covered with dew at dawn
Barley Field under stormy sky
Barley Field under agitated sky
Gloved hands holding organic carrot just unearthed
Hand reaching for the perfect  apple
Root vegetable display at farmer's market
Weeding hoe in soil between parsley rows
Bringing back a handful of apples to the farm
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