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David and Goliath
Solomon prays for wisdom
The Tower of Babel
Jesus in the garden
The Battle of Jericho
Sermon on the Mount
Creation Day 1
Abraham journeys to Canaan
The Pentecost
The Last Supper
Elijah Taken Into Heaven
Adam & Eve Eat Forbidden Fruit
Adam and Eve Expelled From Eden
The First Pentecost
Creation Day 3
Palm Sunday Entry by Jesus
Leaving the Ark
road to Emmaus
The Twelve Sent Out
Jesus in the synagogue
The Seven Trumpets
Jesus is nailed to the cross
Jesus walks on the sea
Paul preaches
Jesus Walks on Water
Jesus Drives Out a Demon
Jesus Blesses the Children
shepherds at the Nativity
Creation Day 2
Moses Receives 10 Commandments
Isaac blesses Jacob
Jesus suffers
Jesus is crucified
Jesus down from the cross
Jesus preaches to the multitude
Abraham expels Hagar and Ishmael
Fall of Jerusalem
Cain Kills Abel
The Prodigal Son
Fleeing to Egypt
Angel Appears to Shepherds
The Annunciation
Lot Flees Sodom Gomorrah
Simeon and Baby Jesus
Creation Day 7
Jesus with  the learned ones
Solomon Builds Temple
Psalmist David: Praise & Thanks
Return of the Prodigal Son
Jesus stumbles with the cross
Peter denies
The angel announces that Jesus has risen
Jesus Feeds the 5000
Good Samaritan
Michael and Angels Fighting Dragon
firstborn of Egypt
Creation Day 6
Four Horsemen of his Apocalypse
Jesus casts out a devil
three wise men from the east
Last Judgment
Destruction of the Leviathan
The Crucifixion
Sermon on the Mount
meteor light
Adam and Eve
Jesus’ Transfiguration
Joseph reveals himself
adam and eva
Jesus heals the sick
Jesus Appears to Thomas
Jesus arrives at Calvary
Joseph’s brothers sell him
Aaron Holding Moses' Arm
The Psalmist David Praise
Abraham Sacrifices Isaac
buried in the sepulcher
The Magi Visit Jesus
army of Egypt
Isaiah beseeches God
Crossing the Red Sea
Samson and Delilah
Jesus cries out from the cross
John Calls Jesus the Lamb of God
Jesus Before Pilate
brazen serpent
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
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