Lightbox: Australian Animals

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Leech and salt on foot
Leech on foot
Ant on orchid shoot
Red Legged Pademelon
Red legged pademelon with full pouch
Young male red legged pademelon with leaf
Red Legged Pademelon
Red Legged Paddy Melon
Red legged paddy melon with joey in pouch
Leech on foot
Gull near Road
Female Satin Bowerbird
Baby Butcher Bird
Cranes and dog on a river.
Cranes and dog on a river.
Snail on wet stone
Dragonfly looking through a window
Dragonfly on a wall
Pied Butcherbird
Flock of Magpie Geese
Large Flock of Magpie Geese
Migrating birds in a rural farming area
Eastern Rosella Eating
Trout eggs
Wet red-necked wallaby
red-necked wallaby on wet grass
Red-necked wallabies side view
Eastern Rosellas in a tree
Australian Bass
White Ibis
Magpie on back of chair
Great Dane dog laying down on rug
Side view of Australian Magpie
Sun Conure on Branch
Magpie Lark Strutting
Labrador guard dog
Koala Looking Over Left Shoulder
Sheep, Paddock and Storm Clouds
Praying Mantid
Butterfly launching Pad
Praying Mantis Head Shot
Flying Fox in a tree
Bird on a branch
Gulls looking out to sea
Gulls on a beach
Gulls on a beach
White Ibis near sand and water
Ibis at river edge
Bleating Tree Frog  (Litoria dentata)
Red-necked wallaby with joey leaning out of the pouch
Red-necked wallaby with joey getting into the pouch
Baby Red-necked wallaby getting out of pouch
Mature woman in swimming pool.
Red necked wallaby lying down
Red-necked wallaby rubbing eyes
Red-necked wallabies mating
Mating red-necked wallabies
Red-necked wallabies mating on grass
Serious dog
Dog looks towards camera
Dog looks towards photographer
Dog looks to side
Red-necked wallabies grazing
Red necked wallaby front view
Ladybird on leaf
male red-necked wallaby
Black Faced Cormorant
honey bee on white daisy
Bee on lavender
Honey bee on flower
Pacific Black Duck
Perched Black Faced Cormorant
High Speed Duck
Tortoiseshell Cat
Crows on Water Tower
Stink bug on a tree
Pale Headed Rosella Feeding
Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard on a drain grate.
Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard in the grass.
Bullfinch on Tiled Floor
Murray Turtle Heading for Water
Spider Feeding on Grasshopper
Butterfly Feeding
Stinging Blue Bottle on the Beach
Dingy Swallowtail Butterfly
Tattered Butterfly
Blue Faced Honeyeater Grooming
Praying Mantis
Silver Orb Spider in web
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Lace Monitor in a hollow log
Lace Monitor
Australian Pelican on Sand
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