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Russian mother and cottage - Victorian engraving
Man holding hands with sad woman on a train
Arrival of William the Conqueror
In a Red Indian village - Victorian engraving
Georgian ladies taking tea
An African market - Victorian engraving
Africans at home - Victorian engraving
Mother and daughter dancing in a field
Two men in a disagreement
Cook in a Victorian kitchen
Sailing ship running before the wind
Victorian Christmas card with foxgloves, 1879
Duel with pistols in the open air
Christmas greetings card, 1885
New Year greetings card, 1874
Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee - souvenir
Floral card, 1876
Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex
Sir Thomas Gresham
Woman letting a dog through a garden gate
Two milkmaids milking cows in a field
Queen Catherine Parr, widow of Henry VIII
Two dogs
Trying to free a whaling ship from ice
August - Bringing in the harvest
Old fashioned farmer in a smock
Exterior of the Banqueting House, Whitehall
Ross's Expedition to the Arctic - sledge party setting out
Three blind mice
Man and goat falling over a cliff
Western Towers and Cloisters of Westminster Abbey, 1840
Columbus landing in America
Two views of Westminster by Hollar, 1647
Ceremony on board ship for crossing the Equator
Barentz and his crew repairing a launch in the Arctic
Frantic game of catch-as-catch-can
Balboa discovering the Pacific Ocean
Woman feeding children by a campfire
Hyperactive baby and frantic nursemaid
Victorian couple with a Romany caravan
Victorian family in a canal boat
Victorian children in the woods
Victorian children greeting an excited dog
Victorian children feeding a dog
Sleeping children in a Romany caravan
Victorian New Year card, 1881
Victorian New Year card, 1879
Victorian Easter card, 1885
Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem
Young Georgian man bidding goodbye to his sweetheart
Grandfather in his grandchildren's nursery
Contemplative man in a hat
18th century woman introducing two men
Calendar for 1890
Victorian New Year card, 1879
Victorian Christmas card, 1877
Eighteenth century couple looking out of a window
Young Regency era couple getting married
The unwelcome present
Pan playing his pipes for dancing maidens
April - A rainy day in Victorian London
Gathering dates in North Africa
Water wheel on the River Nile - Victorian engraving
Old school attendance certificate, 1887
Mount of Olives and Temple area, Jerusalem
Regency period people dancing
Eighteenth century man out riding with his dog
Victorian Sunday School attendance certificate
Young 18th century man befriending a milkmaid
Jama Masjid Mosque, Delhi
See how they run
Woman in a vegetable garden
The cat and the fiddle with dancing children
Three blind mice with a carving knife
Did you ever see such a thing in your life?
July - Victorians at the seaside
She-bear in a dress
Theatrical characters - The Stage Villain
Regency period mother and children in the countryside
Theatrical characters - The Stage Heroine
Paying allegiance to the May Queen
Theatrical characters - The Stage Comic Man
Theatrical characters - The Stage Child
Old lady asleep while the cat steals her breakfast
Theatrical characters - The Stage Adventuress
Theatrical characters - The Good Old Man
Theatrical characters - The Comic Lovers
Theatrical characters - The Stage Lawyer
Young Regency style woman with copy space
Young rural Victorian couple in love
Slightly imbecilic yokel
Timid young Victorian lovers
Two Middle Eastern workers
Small Victorian child looking up at a man
Old English country dancers
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