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Jacques de Molay - Knight Templar
Medieval Knights
Crusading Bishop
Medieval Knights
Christian Knight
Medieval Warfare
King Edward I
Richard Cœur de Lion and Saladin - Battle of Arsuf
Crusaders War Machines - Trebuchet and Catapult
Second assault on Jerusalem
The Crusaders before Antioch - Battle
King Richard the Lionheart
Angel of Victory and the First Crusaders
The Battle of Dorylaeum
Siege of Tunis Medieval Warfare
Siege of La Valletta
Battle of Meaux in Brie
Ancient Medieval Seige Equipment catapult ballista
King Richard the Lionheart
Medieval Knights
Departure of the Crusaders
Richard the Lionheart and Saladin
Medieval warfare - Battering Ram
King Richard I of England
St. Louis arrival in Carthage
Council of Clermont in 1095
Pope Urban II
Siege of Malta 1565
Medieval Siege - Surrender
Knights homage of faith
Medeieval Woodcut - Crusaders
Medieval Siege Tower
Seal of the Knights Templar
Albigensian Crusade: Siege of Toulouse
Embarkation of the Crusader Knights
Council of Vienne 1312
Envoys from the Soudan
Godfrey of Bouillon
Suit of Armour
The Port of Rhodes
Attacking a Castle
Battleaxe and Falchion Swords
Sir John Falstaff and the Militia
Attacking Mersbourg the first crusade
Departure of a knight for war
Crusaders in sight of Jerusalem
Krak des Chevaliers Crusader Castle
Conquest of Jerusalem
Teutonic Knight
Barracks - the Knights of Rhodes
King Richard and the Master of St John
Triumph of the Lamb
Nicaea taken by the Crusaders in 1097
Knights on Horseback 12th Century
Knight Templars
The storming of Acre
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Hereward the Wake
Battle of Tours
Knight in mixed Armour
Walter the Penniless is received by King of Hungary
Faith and Homage
Knights Templar
Tomb - Godfrey of Bouillon
War cry of the Crusaders
Florine of Burgundy
Wealth of the East - Byzantium
Knight and squire
Knight Templars
Prester John
Symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon
Ancient War Engines Military Antiquities
Peter the Hermit preaching First Crusade
Young Norman Knight
The crusades
Louis VII King Of France Second Crusade
Glorious death of Jacques de Maille Templar Marshal
Hospitality of Barbarians to Pilgrims
Saint Louis administering Justice
Fulk III, Count of Anjou
Counts of Holland
Baldwin entering Edessa
Effigy's of Knights
Medieval German Knight
King Edward fight the assassin
Knights Hospitaller flag (XXL)
Richard Cœur de Lion and the Battle of Jaffa
Knight on Horseback
Siege of Tunis Medieval Warfare
English Ships Third Crusade
Saint Bernard preaching the Second Crusade
Burying the dead after Battle of Dorylaeum
Knight Hospitaller
Capture of Antioch by the Crusaders First Crusade
Saer de Quincy Earl of Winchester
Fallen comrade
Knights Templar flag (XXL)
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